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Immersive Multi-Day Journeys In and Around the World’s Culinary Capitals

Mexico City
Day of the Dead: A Mexico City Culinary Adventure
Mexico City has a complex and fascinating cultural identity, a place where pre-Hispanic, Colonial, and contemporary influences collide in a riot of street food, bustling markets, Cathedrals built atop Aztec ruins against the backdrop of a megacity thriving with regional migrants as well as a stylish modern set.
$ 2,465 USD
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From Athens to the Islands: A Greek Easter Journey
Join us as we begin in Athens and then move to Tinos, where we’ll explore the island and its unique Easter traditions through food. We’ll visit historic and religious monuments key to Easter traditions, join village celebrations, meet local artisans, and take part in the preparation of seasonal ingredients. We’ll get out for short treks to experience the landscape and track down secrets that only can be discovered on foot. With our time in Athens as a perspective on contemporary Greek life, our sojourn in Tinos will be a deep dive into the traditional culture and cuisine of Greek island life, at the most festive of moment of the year: Easter.
$ 2,900 USD
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A Journey Into the Heart & Soul of Mexican Cooking (with possible Mexico City add-on)
We like to think of Oaxaca as the heartland of Mexican cooking. All those things that seems so classically and elementally Mexican – corn, chiles, moles, mezcal – can be traced back to the fertile area that surrounds this historic city.
$ 2,475 USD
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Mexico City
Layer by Layer: A Mexico City Culinary Adventure (POSSIBLE OAXACA ADD-ON!)
Immerse yourself on this multi-day trip in the complex cultural identity of Mexico City, where pre-Hispanic, colonial, and contemporary influences collide.
$ 2,465 USD
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Exploring the Tastes of Two Continents
For millennia, Istanbul has been the connection point for a vast web of places with distinct cultural identities, landscapes, and, of course, cuisines. These disparate influences form the great mosaic that is modern-day Istanbul cuisine, which is so much more than simply “Turkish food.”
$ 3,280 USD
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Tracing the Roots of an Imperial Cuisine
Lisbon is one of the world’s greatest food cities, and on this multi-day culinary trip you’ll experience the very best of it. Visit markets and farms, meet fishermen and bakers, learn to make Portuguese specialties, and eat and drink glorious delicacies, all while getting the chance to explore one of Europe’s most beautiful cities.
$ 3,750 USD
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Harvest Time in the Cradle of Wine
On this mouthwatering week-long culinary trip, we’ll explore the birthplace of wine: Georgia. Expect a one-of-a-kind, multi-day trip filled with wine tastings, cooking workshops, harvest activities, and more.
$ 2,600 USD
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Miraculous Naples: Pizza, Passion and Superstition
Nestled between Europe’s most volatile volcano, Mount Vesuvius, and the sparkling blue waters of the Mediterranean, Naples is a city of vivid beauty and intense street life with a richly layered history topped off by its world famous cuisine. Home of the pizza, the world’s oldest opera house, a street plan that dates back to the ancient Greeks and unique homegrown superstitious rituals, experiencing the city stimulates all six senses at once.
$ 2,575 USD
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Barnacles, Bluffs and Brine: A Galician Seafood Pilgrimage
On this week-long seafood pilgrimage, we’ll delve deep into the world of barnacle hunters, oyster fisherman, lobster trap builders, razor clam-diggers, and net menders, along with the local chefs who are harnessing the incredible offerings of their coast, transforming Galician cuisine into something new and exciting. Though our focus will be seafood and the traditional artisans along this coast, we’ll be exploring all facets of Galician identity—history, folklore, architecture, music, language, and religion—and gaining a deeper understanding of its unbreakable bond with the sea.
$ 3,450 USD
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