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Hacienda del Parián

The Hacienda del Parián in Ocoyoacac, a rural village on the outskirts of Mexico City, got its start twenty-six years ago, when the local Ocampo […]


The pandemic hit Athens, in early 2020, at a time of transition for Antonis Liolis. With many years’ experience in the food and beverage industry […]

Os Goliardos, photo by Rodrigo Cabrita

Os Goliardos

The up-and-coming, terroir-obsessed wine distributor Os Goliardos is reached through a tiny alley that opens into a courtyard behind an apartment block in Campolide, a […]

Suju Dining Rokkaku

Many people think of miso as the soup that gets tacked onto every Japanese meal. We can still remember our first experience of Japanese food […]

Buggin’ Out

During the dry season in Mexico’s Mixtec highlands, when it’s windy, bugs called chinches (or jumiles in other regions) are ready to be collected from […]

June 9, 2021

Top 5 French Concession Noodle Joints

Shanghai |
Top 5’s -- The relative abundance of heritage architecture and mixed zoning in the former French Concession neighborhood (technically the Xuhui district) has left a legacy of nooks and crannies where a number of mom-and-pop noodle shops are able to withstand the test of time and pressures of a fast-changing economy.
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June 7, 2021

Liquid Assets: Lagidze Water, Georgian Nectar

Tbilisi |
CB Sips -- It was our first Tbilisi summer stroll down the city’s main drag, Rustaveli Avenue; two sweaty, newly arrived pie-eyed tourists tripping on the 2001 reality. There were billboards advertising the recent kidnapping of a Lebanese businessman, policemen in crumpled gray uniforms extorting money from random motorists with a wag of their batons, and at the top of the street, a former luxury hotel looking like a vertical shanty was full of displaced Georgians from Abkhazia.
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May 27, 2021

Quesadillas La Chaparrita: Cornering the Market

Mexico City |
By Lydia Carey
Street Eats -- “Do you want fat on those?” At Quesadillas La Chaparrita in Mercado Jamaica, the correct answer is always yes. At the nod of our heads, the young woman manning the grill splashes a little melted lard onto each of our quesadillas with her spatula and slides them over into the hot center of the concave grill top.
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May 19, 2021

Chalupas Poblanas El Tlecuile: The Real Thing Drops in Queens

Queens |
Street Eats -- Late on a weekend afternoon, the clamor that greets us is intense, even for Queens. As we descend from the elevated 7 train to Junction Blvd., on the border between the neighborhoods of Jackson Heights and Corona, dozens of street vendors make themselves known by the display of their wares and by their come-ons, spoken mostly in Spanish, to passersby.
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