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Istanbul City guide

Though we’ve witnessed changes, many things remain intact. The city is still a simmering synthesis of delicacies and delights from all over, many of which are within a convenient arm’s length. If we have an inkling for Erzurum’s çağ kebabı, Trabzon’s kuymak, Adana’s bicibici, Mersin’s tantuni, or Hatay’s humus, we know where to go, and we can be certain beyond a reasonable doubt that the person making the object of our desire in that particular moment isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

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Our Backstreets Envoys, Always Searching for the Next Hidden Gem

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Istanbul Eats: Exploring the Culinary Backstreets

Now in its sixth edition, “Istanbul Eats: Exploring the Culinary Backstreets” is the definitive guide to eating locally and authentically in Istanbul, written by the co-founders of Culinary Backstreets.