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Amedeo Colella

Amedeo Colella

After 25 years in a career in communications, Amedeo finally succumbed to his true calling, dedicating his life to the study of a phenomenon that he calls "Neapolitan way of living”. The city’s unique cuisine, music, literature and local dialect are all a part of his ongoing research and the subject of lectures he gives at a local university. He is the author of several books about Naples, including Mangia Napoli, the definitive guide to eating in Naples and operates a publishing house called, Cultura Nova. His passion for Naples is best experienced walking with him in the backstreets, where he knows everyone by name and, most importantly, where to find the very best bites of the city.

Recent stories by Amedeo Colella

October 15, 2019

Wine Harvest 2019: Cantine dell’Averno, A Volcanic Vineyard

Naples -- Imagine the most extraordinary location for a vineyard that you can. Got an image in mind? Well, we think Cantine dell’Averno, a four-hectare vineyard in Pozzuoli, has it beat: Not only are its vines growing inside the caldera of a volcano that is theoretically still active, but they also surround the ruins of a Roman temple. Read more
October 1, 2019

Cucina da Vittorio: West Side Story

Naples -- The typical Neapolitan trattoria is a place where you go to eat like you would at home: the cook buys everything fresh in the morning, just like at home, and then spends the rest of the day in the kitchen, which he rules like a maestro. Read more
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September 19, 2019

Cap’alice: Small Fish, Big Taste

Naples -- The seaside district of Chiaia, perhaps best known for Via Caracciolo, a boulevard with sweeping views of the Bay of Naples, is the most elegant neighborhood in Naples. Long the seat of the Neapolitan aristocracy, the area is studded with Art Nouveau palaces, elegant boutiques, and Villa Pignatelli, a house museum with an impressive art collection. Read more