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Amedeo Colella

Amedeo Colella

After 25 years in a career in communications, Amedeo finally succumbed to his true calling, dedicating his life to the study of a phenomenon that he calls "Neapolitan way of living”. The city’s unique cuisine, music, literature and local dialect are all a part of his ongoing research and the subject of lectures he gives at a local university. He is the author of several books about Naples, including Mangia Napoli, the definitive guide to eating in Naples and operates a publishing house called, Cultura Nova. His passion for Naples is best experienced walking with him in the backstreets, where he knows everyone by name and, most importantly, where to find the very best bites of the city.

Recent stories by Amedeo Colella

Dig into Naples’ many fried foods on our walk.
February 7, 2020

Isabella De Cham Pizza Fritta: Equal Opportunity Pie

Naples |
Naples -- After a morning spent walking around the Fontanelle Cemetery, the oldest ossuary in Naples, and the Sanità market, we believe that we have created enough of a calorie deficit to face a fried pizza – the original pizza, born before the more familiar oven-baked variety, and a universally beloved dish in the Neapolitan cuisine – with self-acquittal. Read more
January 6, 2020

DocSicil Oplontis: Hidden Treasure

Naples |
Naples -- The excavations at Oplontis, located in the modern city of Torre Annunziata, are often overlooked in favor of its much larger, much grander neighbor: Pompeii. Yet like all little-known things, this archeological site is full of incredible surprises, like the magnificent villa said to have belonged to Poppaea Sabina, the second wife of the Emperor Nero. Read more
December 21, 2019

Best Bites 2019: Naples

Naples |
Naples -- In a city with such a conservative attitude toward gastronomy, it’s rare for new foods, new preparations and new trends to flourish. Naples has continued to reject the aggressive advances of globalized food: The number of fast food chains can be counted on one hand (although many have tried their luck in the city), and the latest international fashions, from poke to kebab, struggle to make inroads. Read more