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Carolina Doriti

Carolina Doriti

Carolina was born in Athens where she grew up in a family with a long culinary tradition. Having studied arts management she pursued a career as a curator but quickly set her museum work to follow her true passion: cooking! Since then, along with her work as CB's Athens bureau chief, Carolina has been working as a chef, restaurant consultant and food stylist. She is also the Culinary Producer of My Greek Table, a TV series on Greek gastronomy, broadcast on PBS across the US. She has appeared on various cooking shows on Greek and Spanish TV and gives cooking classes and workshops in Athens. She is currently writing a cookbook that will hopefully be published soon.

Recent stories by Carolina Doriti

September 18, 2020

Recipe: Gemista, Greek Stuffed Vegetables

Athens |
Athens -- In terms of popularity, no other dish in Greece can compete with gemista (γεμιστά, which means stuffed in Greek and refers to vegetables stuffed in various ways). I can’t think of even one person I know who doesn’t eat it in some form, whether tomatoes, peppers, zucchinis (and their flowers), onions or eggplants stuffed with some combination of meat, rice, wheat or other grains, seafood, pulses, nuts, fresh herbs and spices. Read more
September 10, 2020

Gargaretta: A Breath of Fresh Air

Athens |
Athens -- Considering its prime location between the Acropolis and the neighborhoods of Petralona, Kallithea and Neos Kosmos, the fact that Koukaki has seen a wave of development in the last 15 years is no surprise. Cafés, bars, restaurants, hotels and Airbnbs have sprung up all over the neighborhood, making it an increasingly popular destination for visitors. Read more
September 4, 2020

Recipe: Ladenia, Traditional Greek Tomato Flatbread from Kimolos

Athens |
Athens -- I fell in love with the island of Kimolos the first time I set foot on it about 15 years ago, while sailing in the area. It’s small enough to get around on your own two feet and has an enchanting simplicity – I could easily picture myself retiring on the island, in a small whitewashed house with a wood-burning oven in the yard, raising a couple of goats and growing tomatoes and grapes. Read more
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