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Carolina Doriti

Carolina Doriti

Carolina was born in Athens where she grew up in a family with a long culinary tradition. Having studied arts management she pursued a career as a curator but quickly set her museum work to follow her true passion: cooking! Since then, along with her work as CB's Athens bureau chief, Carolina has been working as a chef, restaurant consultant and food stylist. She is also the Culinary Producer of My Greek Table, a TV series on Greek gastronomy, broadcast on PBS across the US. She has appeared on various cooking shows on Greek and Spanish TV and gives cooking classes and workshops in Athens. She is currently writing a cookbook that will hopefully be published soon.

Recent stories by Carolina Doriti

November 26, 2021

Building Blocks: Quince, Greece’s “Golden Apple”

Athens |
Athens -- At first glance, quince can often pass as a larger version of its cousin the pear. But it becomes a bright golden yellow as it matures – hence, it’s longstanding nickname, “the golden apple.” When the quince made its way west from south Asia and the Caucasus into Ancient Greece, the fruit quickly took to the soils of Cydonia (Κυδωνία), a town in northern Crete now known as Chania. Read more
November 5, 2021

Avli: Shelter from the Exarchia Storm

Athens |
Athens -- For over a century, the dense downtown Exarchia neighborhood, located near the National Technical University and the Law School of Athens, has been deeply connected to the city’s students. Greece’s first student revolution took place there in 1901, resulting in the resignation of both the leading government and the Archbishop of the time. Read more
October 5, 2021

ParkBench: Hidden Treasure

Athens |
Athens -- Before we start this story, we must first explain the role of the platia in Greece. Platia (πλατεία, pronounced pla-tee-ah and sometimes spelled plateia) means “plaza” in Greek, and can refer to a central town square or a small neighborhood square. Read more
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