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Ben Herrera

Ben Herrera

Ben, one of CBs Mexico City correspondents, was born and raised in the Mexican capital. His family owned a restaurant, where he grew up, for about 40 years. In 2000 he moved to the US where he lived until 2010. While in the States he started blogging about Mexican food. His inspiration were the flavors and aromas of the food he cherished from his childhood memories. Since his return to Mexico he has been researching the regional foods and traditions of Mexico and worked as a culinary tour guide and consultant for different outlets. His favorite region of Mexico is Oaxaca, which he tries to visit as often as possible.

Recent stories by Ben Herrera

May 10, 2021

Tres Leches: The Magic Number

Mexico City |
Mexico City -- Pastel de tres leches is beloved throughout much of Latin America, and yet its origins remain a mystery. Some people claim that it was first baked in Nicaragua, others that the recipe was first printed on the label of a well-known brand of canned condensed milk in Mexico. Read more
January 18, 2020

El Rey de las Ahogadas: All Hail the King

Mexico City |
Mexico City -- We’ve written previously about flautas, one of our favorite street foods. Those crisp, finger-friendly “flutes” with their deeply savory, spiced chicken, pork, beef or potato filling are all about the gratifying crunch of the golden, deep-fried rolled tortilla (and the sour cream and grated cheese don’t hurt either). Read more
June 20, 2017

Caldo de Piedra: Stone Hot Soup

Oaxaca |
Oaxaca -- In Oaxaca, a state where gastronomy is almost a religion, there are some extraordinary dishes that are prepared only for special occasions because of the complexity of preparation. Mole chichilo, for example, uses more than 30 ingredients, and its preparation can take up to 3 days. Read more
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