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Ben Herrera

Ben Herrera

Ben, one of CBs Mexico City correspondents, was born and raised in the Mexican capital. His family owned a restaurant, where he grew up, for about 40 years. In 2000 he moved to the US where he lived until 2010. While in the States he started blogging about Mexican food. His inspiration were the flavors and aromas of the food he cherished from his childhood memories. Since his return to Mexico he has been researching the regional foods and traditions of Mexico and worked as a culinary tour guide and consultant for different outlets. His favorite region of Mexico is Oaxaca, which he tries to visit as often as possible.

Recent stories by Ben Herrera

February 16, 2022

Huaraches Rossy: Big Stuff

Mexico City |
Mexico City -- Visiting the Jamaica plant and flower market is one of our favorite activities in Mexico City; we love getting lost in its green alleys and never fail to emerge with at least one new plant and a beautiful bouquet of flowers. And of course, we’re always on the lookout for new places to eat. Our favorite barbacoa joint is in this market, but when we want a different experience we head to the huarache alley, where several stalls offer this tasty Mexican specialty. Read more
January 18, 2022

El Pochote: Land to Table

Oaxaca |
Oaxaca -- El Pochote (named after a thorny, flowering tree native to Central America) is an organization of local organic producers in Oaxaca that was founded in November 2003 by local artist Francisco Toledo. Read more
November 25, 2021

La Casa del Pavo: Talk Turkey

Mexico City |
Mexico City -- Editor’s note: Alfonso Cuarón’s film “Roma,” set in Mexico City between 1970 and 1971, is expected to win big at the Oscars this weekend – it’s up for ten awards. To celebrate the movie’s success, we’re republishing our 2013 review of La Casa del Pavo, where the main character, Cleo, goes to have a sandwich with her co-worker on their day off and meet up with their boyfriends. Not only is this spot one of the few from the film that is still in business, it is almost completely unchanged. Read more
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