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Shanghai City Guide

In 2017, Shanghai’s longest-running open-air market at Tangjiawan Lu, which had provided the neighborhood with fresh produce, fish and seasonal foodstuffs for almost 115 years, shuttered its doors. The market and much of the area around the Laoximen metro station were some of the last historical (albeit run-down) structures in an otherwise central area full of expensive new residences. Construction has already begun on the entire city block’s worth of high-rises being built in its place, and the surrounding blocks – like many of Shanghai’s backstreets – are on notice, as the wrecking balls and construction crews continue to reshape the urban landscape at an incredibly fast rate.

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Visual Dispatches from the Frontlines of Local Eating

The Noodleman at Shanghai’s Henan Lamian
Shanghai Jianbing
Fava Season in Shanghai's Markets
A Stroll Through Shanghai’s Tangjiawan Lu “Wet Market”
The Noodle “Breakdancer” at Shanghai’s Hai Di Lao



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