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The ill anti-immigrant and -refugee wind blowing out of the White House in Washington, DC, does not represent the America we know, nor does it speak to our experience exploring the world’s culinary backstreets. The cities and countries where we work – the United States included – have always been havens for those looking for a better, safer place. All have come with their food, making their new home a truly better place for us all and becoming an indispensible part of its fabric in the process.

When the government goes low, we go in search of more stories of immigrants and refugees who have left a culinary mark on their adopted land and whose tales have always been essential elements in what we do here at CB. In their honor, this week we are running some of our favorites of these kinds of stories from the CB archive (like that of Mr. Tomasian, pictured above, an Armenian kebab maker in Athens).

Additionally, in support for an institution whose struggle for liberty is so crucial right now, for the next week, we will be donating 50% of our company’s revenue to the ACLU. Every culinary walk booked, every book sold, every iPhone app downloaded, half of the price tag amount will be donated directly to their programs. We hope it will help. If you agree with us, you can also donate directly here.

Manteau Stam

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December 7, 2017

Dried Fruits Sweeten A Dreary Winter’s Day

Tbilisi | By Paul Rimple
By Paul Rimple
TbilisiChurchkhelas, Georgia’s traditional homemade energy bar made of grape must, nuts and flour, and dried and candied fruits add a burst of color at the Deserter’s Bazaar in Tbilisi. While the churchkhelas and dried fruits are Georgian, the candied fruits generally come from Central Asia.
February 27, 2020

Il Ristorantino dell’Avvocato: The Lawyer’s Table

Naples | By Amedeo Colella
By Amedeo Colella
NaplesIn life, it’s never too late to try changing course. It’s not always possible, it’s not always easy, but when you succeed, what satisfaction. Seventy-year-old Raffaele Cardillo, with his smiling face and white beard, can attest to that. After 20 years spent working as a lawyer, shuttling between courts and meetings with defendants, and puzzling…
February 26, 2015

La Panxa del Bisbe: Mountain Man

Barcelona | By Paula Mourenza
By Paula Mourenza
BarcelonaHere we are in the Bishop’s Belly, La Panxa del Bisbe, which is not the midsection of a Catalan priest, but both a restaurant and a mountain. The latter is one of the peaks of the sacred Catalan mountain of Montserrat, so-called because its shape evokes a small head over a rotund, pronounced belly. It’s…
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