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Paul Rimple

Paul Rimple

Culinary Backstreets Bureau Chief and guide, is a northern California native who gave up a cooking career to move to Chicago to front his own blues band. He spent much of the 1990s in Krakow Poland before moving in 2002 to Tbilisi, where he works as a freelance journalist and performs with his band, The Natural Born Lovers. A former columnist at The Moscow Times, he has been a regular contributor to, The Christian Science Monitor, and Deutsche Welle and has written for Foreign Policy, Roads and Kingdoms, and the BBC. He also appeared on Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown. His only regret is there are no Mexican restaurants in Tbilisi—yet.

Recent stories by Paul Rimple

September 22, 2020

CB on the Road: Lia Deida, Everyone’s Favorite Aunt

Tbilisi |
Tbilisi -- We pull off the recently finished section of highway at the Argveta exit in Imereti, follow Google Maps to a hand-painted sign directing us along a bumpy lane to an open iron gate with painted flowers, and park our car as if we live here. The front yard is lush with fruit trees, children’s toys are neatly scattered about, and a hammock under the shade of a large walnut invites us to lounge next to an enormous stone table. Read more
September 14, 2020

CB on the Road: The Batumi Fish Market, A Sole Survivor

Tbilisi |
Tbilisi -- In 2013, Anthony Bourdain and the Parts Unknown team arrived in Batumi, the capital of Adjara, to shoot the first segment of their Georgian adventure. The show’s producers invited Zamir Gotta, a Russian sidekick unfamiliar with the city, to join him. They visited a casino, strip club and mediocre restaurant for khashi, tripe soup, which failed to impress Bourdain. Read more
August 19, 2020

Liquid Assets: Borjomi Mineral Water, Georgia’s Iconic Elixir

Tbilisi |
Tbilisi -- It was a scorcher of a summer day in 2002, and we were pushing our broken Russian motorcycle and sidecar through crowded Plekhanov streets with a gnarly case of cotton mouth. Dripping in sweat, we limped up to the kiosk by our building and slipped some coins to the lovely Irma for a lifesaving cold bottle of Borjomi mineral water. Read more
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