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Paul Rimple

Paul Rimple

Culinary Backstreets Bureau Chief and guide, is a northern California native who gave up a cooking career to move to Chicago to front his own blues band. He spent much of the 1990s in Krakow Poland before moving in 2002 to Tbilisi, where he works as a freelance journalist and performs with his band, The Natural Born Lovers. A former columnist at The Moscow Times, he has been a regular contributor to, The Christian Science Monitor, and Deutsche Welle and has written for Foreign Policy, Roads and Kingdoms, and the BBC. He also appeared on Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown. His only regret is there are no Mexican restaurants in Tbilisi—yet.

Recent stories by Paul Rimple

April 7, 2021

Sping (Food) Break 2021: Tkemali, Powered by Plums

Tbilisi |
Tbilisi -- There is a day in February when we raise our noses to the sky like dogs and catch the first teasing wisps of spring. Our eyes widen, we nod and chime with giddy grins, “It’s coming.” Then the weather turns with a cold snap or even snow and we forget all about spring until one day in mid-March we wake up, pour a coffee, peer out the window and cry out, “Whoa, look!” jabbing our forefingers towards our tkemali tree and its little white flowers that bloomed overnight; the first blossoms of the year. Read more
March 25, 2021

Recipe: Shkmeruli, a Georgian Garlic Bomb

Tbilisi |
Tbilisi -- When our friend applied for a chef gig at the cooking department of a northern California community college, a board of evaluators gave him a pair of chicken breasts, a frugal selection of ingredients and said, “Create something.” He assessed his workspace and smiled. Read more
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