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Manteau Stam

Photographer in Athens.

Recent stories by Manteau Stam

March 10, 2019

Souvlaki Al Fresco in Keramikos

Athens -- While working our way through a few of Keramikos’s side streets, we spy a street vendor grilling up souvlaki. The neighborhood’s low rents and old-time Athens feel have lured creative young Athenians to the area, but Keramikos is still home to traditional establishments and humble street vendors. It’s a place where old and new, tradition and forward-looking creativity, all coexist happily together.
January 20, 2019

Sunny Citrus in Keramikos

Athens -- On the day of the weekly street market, Keramikos comes alive in a riot of sights, smells and flavors. We stroll through the open-air market on our Keramikos Calling walk, tasting what’s on offer from the vendors and getting a sense of the seasonality of Greek produce. Recently we spied these fragrant lemons, which provide a pop of color in the winter months.
October 30, 2018

Spoon Sweets in Keramikos

Athens -- On our Keramikos walk, we got a taste of some delicious spoon sweets. These fruit preserves differ from jam and marmalade mainly in terms of texture – the ingredient being preserved should be firm and in a thick, transparent syrup, unlike the soft and pulpy texture of jam and marmalade.