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Senem Pastoressa

Senem Pastoressa

Senem was born in Istanbul and raised in the nearby city of Bursa. After graduating from university, she spent almost a decade abroad, experiencing food and culture in many corners of the globe. She first had a scholarship in Florence, where she met her husband Giovanni, an engineer and a cook. She has also studied in Brazil, Mexico, and France. She traveled from Mexico to Patagonia by bus (which took one year!) and some of her other favorite trips include India, Thailand, Uzbekistan, Syria, and Jordan. With a mother of Greek and Bulgarian origin, a father of nomadic Turkic heritage, and an Italian husband, Senem is kind of like Turkish lentil soup – you think it’s just made of lentils but discover there are many more ingredients inside!

Food tours given by Senem Pastoressa

February 18, 2016

Culinary Backstreets of the Bazaar Quarter

By , and
Istanbul --
Book now Give as a gift US$125/adult
  • 2-7 people Sirkeci -> ~5.5 hours 9:30am
    Grand Bazaar No Sundays
Quick bite: Istanbul’s Bazaar Quarter is one of the world’s biggest open-air commercial centers  and a historic center of small craftsmen who still carry on their tradition in the atmospheric caravanserais. On this 5-hour food tour, we will eat with these craftsmen. Read more
February 17, 2016

Culinary Secrets of the Old City

By , , , , and
Istanbul --
Book now       Give as a gift       US$125/adult
  • 2-7 people Eminonu ~5.5 hours 9:30am
    -> Fatih   No Sundays
Quick Bite: In Istanbul's Old City, two culinary worlds exist side by side: one for tourists and one for locals. Our 5½-hour food tour goes beyond the major monuments to these time-honored spots where all of the serious eating is done. Read more
February 17, 2016

Hidden Beyoğlu

By , , , , , and
Istanbul --
Book now    Give as a gift    US$125/adult
  • 2-7 people Beyoğlu ~5.5 hours 9:30am;  5pm
Quick bite: With Beyoğlu’s cosmopolitan history as a backdrop, on this Istanbulfood tour we will eat our way through the classic and unknown eateries of the neighborhood, the old and the new, tasting specialties from all over Turkey.  Read more