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Uğur Ildız

Uğur Ildız

For Uğur, having guests over for dinner meant içli köfte, a friend visiting for an afternoon tea was mercimek köfte. Winter meant boza, summer was sour cherry compote. Bosphorus offered the most delicious fish, aunts in the east sent the spices, and olives came from the uncle living on the Mediterranean. A native of Istanbul, Ugur (a.k.a. Adam) shares his enthusiasm for this city with his guests. Despite receiving a B.A. in Business and working in the business world for many years, he found his passion to be for history, people, different cultures, and most of all for food, and decided to become a full time professional tour guide where he could utilize his interests and knowledge by sharing with others. He’s one of the few lucky in this world who makes a living by not working a single day. He has the incurable and contagious disease of always smiling, and enjoys spreading it to others.

Food tours given by Uğur Ildız

September 16, 2019

Relishing Pickles in Istanbul

Istanbul -- Start with chunks of pickled vegetables and fruits, and then wash it all down with a swig of pickle juice on our Born on the Bosphorus walk in Istanbul, where we pay a visit to one of the city’s many shops that exclusively sells pickles.
June 11, 2019

Unripe figs in Beşiktaş

Istanbul -- While meandering through a market in Istanbul’s Beşiktaş, we spotted unripe figs that are perfect for making delicious fig jam. The thought of the sweet yet refreshing taste together with kaymak was making us drool, so we bought some and headed on home to make jam.
May 14, 2019

Sought-after fresh spring specialties in Istanbul

Istanbul -- On our Born on the Bosphorus walk, we visit the fresh market in Beşiktaş where vendors boast fresh erik (sour green plums), çağla (unripe almonds) and types of local kiraz (cherry). The taste peak for these spring specialties is somewhat short, leaving expats to hunt for vendors that will ship early and fast enough.