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Gülden Özdemir

Gülden Özdemir

Born and raised in Izmir, Gülden started exploring the backstreets of Izmir as a child with her mother and Izmir's rugged outback with her father, a botanist and hunter. From her mother she learned where to find the best local products in the market and how to cook them. From her father she gained knowledge of the wild herbs that are a unique feature of Izmir's cuisine. Her favorite food is lokma and helva which she enjoys to cook to her family and her friends.

Recent stories by Gülden Özdemir

February 17, 2016

Culinary Secrets of the Old City

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Istanbul --
Book now       Give as a gift       US$125/adult
  • 2-7 people Eminonu ~5.5 hours 9:30am
    -> Fatih   No Sundays
Quick Bite: In Istanbul's Old City, two culinary worlds exist side by side: one for tourists and one for locals. Our 5½-hour food tour goes beyond the major monuments to these time-honored spots where all of the serious eating is done. Read more