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The next installment of CB Pantry Raid, a series in which our walk leaders give a guided tour of the local pantry and discuss the staples that have sustained their communities over the years, features Paul Rimple, our Tbilisi bureau chief, who will be talking all about wine from Andro Barnovi’s marani (wine cellar) in the Shida Kartli region. Tune in on Thursday, May 21, at 10 a.m. EDT (GMT-4) on Instagram Live.

Paul and Andro will talk grapes and discuss a bit about the region’s significance in Georgia’s wine culture (Shida Kartli is also home to Samtavasi Marani, a winery that conjures magic from chinuri grapes, and the sleepy village of Garikula, Paul’s summer retreat). Wine obviously plays an important role in Georgia, as any glance at our deep archive will tell you. Paul has written about winemaking in Kakheti and Samegrelo, wine bars in Tbilisi (including a wine cellar in the sky), natural wine festivals and even the art of the Georgian toast. It’s also a subject that features heavily in our multi-day Georgian culinary adventure and in our CB Book Club, which includes Q&As with noted wine authors Alice Feiring, Simon J. Woolf, Lisa Granik MW, Miquel Hudin and even the filmmaker Emily Railsback.

To join the live video on Thursday, head to our Instagram account. When we’re live, the Culinary Backstreets profile picture will appear with a colorful ring around it and the word Live. Tap our profile picture to view the live video. When our live stream ends, the video will be available to watch on IGTV.

Culinary BackstreetsJustyna Mielnikiewicz

Published on May 19, 2020

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