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Andrew North

Andrew North

Andrew, the creator of CB’s Tbilisi Sketches series, is a British journalist and artist and first tasted khinkali when he was sent to Georgia in 2008 to report on the war with Russia for the BBC. He worked for the broadcaster for nearly 20 years, with long stints reporting from Iraq, Afghanistan and many other parts of the Middle East and Asia. Andrew is now mixing art and journalism, while also working on a book. He moved to Tbilisi with his family in 2014 and you’ll sometimes see his work in the UK’s Guardian newspaper. He’s yet to taste a Georgian dish he doesn’t like, but he’s yet to meet a Georgian who likes that old British favorite Marmite.

Recent stories by Andrew North

December 8, 2021

Tbilisi Sketches: Muscling Up Some Churchkhela

Tbilisi |
Tbilisi -- Tbilisi stores and markets are festooned now with distinctive sausage-shaped candies called churchkhela, ready for New Year celebrations and then Orthodox Christmas on January 7. They are a very traditional Georgian specialty, usually homemade from grape juice thickened with flour and nuts. Read more
May 18, 2021

Tbilisi Sketches: Bread, the Georgian Way

Tbilisi |
Tbilisi -- “You’ve made me look angry,” laughs Marekhi Khatiashvili when we show our drawing of her making traditional Georgian bread in one of the tone bakeries in Tbilisi’s old city. “You’re concentrating,” I reply. “I was trying to show how hard you work.” Read more
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