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Tiago Pais

Tiago Pais

Born and raised in Lisbon, Tiago Pais has been eating for as long as he can remember, and writing about what he eats for the last 8 years. He did it for Time Out Lisbon and more recently for Observador newspaper. Between meals, he also wrote a book about his favorite tascas, the typical no-frills restaurants one can find on every corner of the city, which is unimaginatively entitled The 50 Best Tascas in Lisbon.

Recent stories by Tiago Pais

September 27, 2019

O Velho Eurico: Family Inheritance

Lisbon -- Zé Paulo Rocha was born in September, 22 years ago. By December of that year, he was already sleeping on top of a chest freezer in his parents’ tasca, right behind Rossio, one of Lisbon’s main squares. Read more
Visit traditional tascas on our Lisbon walks!
September 3, 2019

Tasca Tables: A Pork Loin Reborn at O Abrigo

Lisbon -- It was a cramped but iconic tasca in the heart of Lisbon’s downtown. Its name, Adega dos Lombinhos, disclosed the house specialty: grilled lombinhos – thin slices of pork loin. And we mean really thin, almost if they were slices of wet-cured ham, served with a fried egg on top, white rice and golden fries. Read more
July 22, 2019

Tasca Tables: Deeply Local at Adega da Bairrada

Lisbon -- Despite being one of the liveliest of Lisbon’s neighborhoods, Alvalade doesn’t appear in most city guides. Maybe because of the location, north of downtown and next to the airport, with planes taking off and landing being part of the usual sights and sounds. Maybe because it is mainly a residential area, with few – if any – hotels available nearby. Maybe because it is seen as a strictly local neighborhood, with no museums, elevated viewpoints or places to listen to fado. But despite all that, it has a lot to offer, especially to those who want to eat, shop or simply roam the streets with the locals. Read more