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PJ Rountree

PJ Rountree

PJ, a California native, is a photographer and filmmaker based in Mexico City. He studied sculpture, photography, and video at the Rhode Island School of Design earning his BFA in 2008. After living in Rome and New York City, PJ moved to Mexico City in 2009 where he has lived and worked ever since. In 2012, he and some fellow food-lovers founded the food project Pichón, a pop-up restaurant inspired by Mexico City's local ingredients and culinary traditions. With Pichón andnow CB, PJ has produced numerous documentary photo and video projectsconcerning Mexico's rich and diverse culture of food. His images have appeared in Vice (USA), Vice México, I-D México, L'Officiel Art (Fance), Revista Animal (Mexico), Uncube Magazine (Germany), Hoja Santa (Mexico), American Suburb X (USA), Esquire (Russia), and others.

Recent stories by PJ Rountree

February 6, 2019

Five-a-day in Mexico City

Mexico City -- We visit Mexico City’s markets to stock up on fruits and vegetables, but sometimes we opt for frutitas de leche, fruit-shaped sweets, instead. (Surely they count towards our five portions of fruit and veg a day, right?) Learn more about how the market works and the important role it plays in daily Mexico City life on our “Market Watch” culinary walk.
November 28, 2018

Lunch Aboard a Boat in Xochimilco

Mexico City -- On our special five-day culinary adventure in Mexico City, we eat one of our meals on board a traditional flat-bottomed boat along Xochimilco’s Aztec-era canals that have been in use for more than 2,000 years and are now a UNESCO World Heritage site. The meal is prepared by locals using products from the chinampas, the area’s famous “floating gardens.”