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Paula Mourenza

Paula Mourenza

Born in the Albariño wine region, insider Paula has lived and worked in Barcelona since 2000 with professional experiences ranging from creative consultant to copywriting. Since 2010, she has led the Culinary Backstreets team as a restaurant critic, experience designer and culinary walk leader. Her work has been featured in USA Today and other major publications as well as National Geographic’s show Top Tables, Top Cities.

Recent stories by Paula Mourenza

December 6, 2019

Catànies Cudié: Almond Joy

Barcelona -- In 1949, when the patisserie that Josep Cudié had been working at as head pastry chef for a decade closed, his wife, Antonia Salleras, encouraged him to stop working for others and start working for himself. “Since you’re the creator of all these chocolates,” she said, “why don’t you just open your own business, making the chocolates and selling them to other patisseries?” Read more
November 22, 2019

Agullers: For Workers Who Lunch

Barcelona -- When the couple Juan Pérez Figueras and Mercè Roselló bought in 1991 what is now Restaurante Agullers, it was an old run-down bar in the inner streets of Born, a neighborhood near the Port Vell area. “When I got the place it was totally ruined,” Juan explains. Read more
November 6, 2019

GatBlau: Vegetable Worship

Barcelona -- Vegetables often get short shrift at restaurants – greens, legumes and tubers are relegated to the same tired side dishes, or just one component of many in a generic main, subsumed by the dish’s other ingredients. Read more