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Paula Mourenza

Paula Mourenza

Born in the Albariño wine region, insider Paula has lived and worked in Barcelona since 2000 with professional experiences ranging from creative consultant to copywriting. Since 2010, she has led the Culinary Backstreets team as a restaurant critic, experience designer and culinary walk leader. Her work has been featured in USA Today and other major publications as well as National Geographic’s show Top Tables, Top Cities.

Recent stories by Paula Mourenza

August 6, 2020

La Esquinica: Little Shop of Tapas

Barcelona |
Barcelona -- The linguistic variations in Spain’s 17 autonomous communities are as diverse as the local culinary specialties. In Barcelona, we can find examples of both. Take La Esquinica (“The Little Corner”), an iconic tapas bar with a fantastic terrace in Nou Barris, a neighborhood with a large immigrant population. Read more
July 28, 2020

Beach Bars: Barcelona’s Classic Chiringuitos

Barcelona |
Barcelona -- In Spain, the word chiringuito evokes fond memories of summers spent at the beach. While the country’s coastline is famous, chiringuito technically refers to something more beach-adjacent: the small, mostly permanent bars and restaurants that line the sandy shores. Read more
July 9, 2020

Picnic Week 2020: Barcelona

Barcelona |
Barcelona -- While Barcelona has lots of green space – almost 3,000 hectares spread out over 34 parks and gardens – not all of it makes for good summer picnicking. What you need are those dark, open refuges under the treetops, where you can breathe and relax and your wine isn’t going to start boiling. Read more
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