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Kyle Long

Kyle Long

Kyle, one half of CBs Shanghai team, is an Oregon native with a hunger for finding the citys best noodles, dumplings and just about any type of dessert. Hes been sharing his love of authentic food and drink with his writing since moving to China in 2007. After co-founding Shanghais top culinary tour company in 2010, he took a sabbatical to cycle the world (well, 15 countries) and clocked in 18,000km while raising funds for clean water charities. When hes not running or cycling to make room for more Chinese food, you can find him scouring the web for cheap flights for his next trip.

Recent stories by Kyle Long

June 9, 2021

Top 5 French Concession Noodle Joints

Shanghai |
Shanghai -- The relative abundance of heritage architecture and mixed zoning in the former French Concession neighborhood (technically the Xuhui district) has left a legacy of nooks and crannies where a number of mom-and-pop noodle shops are able to withstand the test of time and pressures of a fast-changing economy. Read more
May 20, 2021

Take a Bao: Shanghai’s Top 5 Soup Dumpling Restaurants

Shanghai |
Shanghai -- Xiaolongbao first appeared around 1875, during the Ming Dynasty, in Nanxiang, a village on the northwestern outskirts of Shanghai. As the story goes, a vendor selling dry steamed buns decided to innovate due to stiff competition. Legend also suggests, however, that he copied the giant soupier dumplings from Nanjing. Read more
December 28, 2019

Best Bites 2019: Shanghai

Shanghai |
By  and
Shanghai -- In Shanghai, robot restaurants (and grocery stores) were all anyone could talk about in 2019. Well, that and bubble tea shops. But we love that there are still thousands of mom-and-pop restaurants serving traditional foods that are handmade and well loved, if you know where to look. Read more
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