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Jamie Barys

Jamie Barys

Jamie, one half of CBs Shanghai team, has been a resident of China since 2007. A native of Tennessee, Jamie believes that the best way to get to know a culture is to eat your way through it. Whether shes exploring Shanghais hidden hole-in-the-wall restaurants or sneaking back into kitchens to snag behind-the-scenes recipes, shes always hungry for more. Never one to keep a good thing to herself, Jamie can be found leading culinary tours to delicious best-kept secrets with UnTour Shanghai, the citys top-ranked food tour provider, and writing about her tasty finds for Glutton Guide, a guidebook series designed by foodies for foodies.

Recent stories by Jamie Barys

January 11, 2021

Godly Vegetarian: Meat-Free Heaven

Shanghai |
Shanghai -- If you hadn’t read the flyer closely before heading to Shanghai’s first ever MeatFest in June 2019, you might have been a bit disappointed upon arrival. The sounds and smells of sizzling meat might have seemed like a carnivore’s dream come true, but the name was tongue-in-cheek; the event was thrown by Vegans of Shanghai for “eco-conscious meat lovers” and served only domestically sourced plant-based “meat” products. Read more
September 30, 2020

Country Food Market: Nostalgia Vendor

Shanghai |
Shanghai -- Over the past five years, the Chinese government-led campaign to close down street food vendors and small hole-in-the-wall shops has been extremely successful. But the Covid pandemic has led China’s residents to push back. When Premier Li Keqiang praised Chengdu’s “street vendor economy” for generating 100,000 jobs after the pandemic had peaked in the foodie mecca, Shanghai locals celebrated, hoping that their favorite roving street food stalls would once again find a place on the city’s streets. Read more
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