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Taylor Barnes

Taylor Barnes

CB Rio correspondent Taylor is a freelance journalist based in Brazil since 2010. She was a recipient of the Inter American Press Association scholarship, and her work has been published in the New York Times, the Christian Science Monitor, the Islamic Monthly, USA Today, and Foreign Policy. She has eaten plov in Uzbekistan, nasi goreng in Indonesia, and gallo pinto in Nicaragua. Her years at Culinary Backstreets have been like peeling a pinapple in her quest to challenge the myopic view of Brazil as a carnivorous monoculture and instead open diners' eyes and mouths to the collard greens, cashew apples and jiló (scarlet eggplant) as tasty as the iconic picanha (rump steak) here.

Recent stories by Taylor Barnes

July 17, 2017

Prana Cozinha Vegetariana: Move Over, Churrasco

Rio |
Rio -- We hear it every time we bring up the V-word: “But it’s impossible to be a vegetarian in Rio!” Nonsense. Not only is it possible to eat an earthy diet here in Rio, it’s getting so trendy that carnivorous cariocas are increasingly forgoing their weekend churrasco (grilled meat on a stick) for the kaleidoscope of couve (collard greens), cogumelos (mushrooms), tofu and all of its soy brethren. Read more
August 19, 2016

Santa Filomena

Rio |
Rio -- Like the classic optical illusion of the faces and the vase, look at Rio and you’ll see two sharply contrasting versions. First is the seemingly easygoing beach city of rubber sandals and gushy greetings as insincere as they are well intentioned. Read more
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