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Roxanne Darrow

Roxanne Darrow

Roxanne, previously a CB Istanbul correspondent, is a food and agriculture researcher and writer based in Washington DC. She investigates the industrial food system’s dark underbelly with the Food Integrity Campaign and previously worked at Food & Water Watch, where she analyzed Wikileaks cables to expose the State Department's international GMO hustling strategy. In 2014, she lived in Istanbul and wrote about sustainable farmers, food activists and artisans—in between taking way too many photos of the city’s charismatic felines. She caught the agriculture bug at UC Berkeley’s Student Organic Garden in 2008 and worked on small farms in Chile and California—hence her nascent tractor skills and lusty appreciation for fresh-fried chicharrones. Her happy place is riding shotgun with a farmer in their truck/horse/cart, listening to their stories and taking notes.

Recent stories by Roxanne Darrow

April 19, 2021

Tophane Tarihi Taş Fırın: Fast Break Bake

Istanbul |
Istanbul -- Every year, for one month only, bakeries across Istanbul churn out round, flat, yeasty loaves of Ramazan pidesi, a Turkish flatbread. Before Muslims break their fast at sundown, they hurry to buy these addictively chewy pides, which are essential to the iftar meal here. Read more
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