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Rafael Tonon

Recent stories by Rafael Tonon

September 18, 2023

Uncorked: The Crisp New Wave of Porto Wine Bars

Porto |
By Rafael Tonon
Porto -- For a city famous for making one of the best-known wines in the world, it took Porto a long time to catch up with viable options for bars offering good glasses. But Portugal's second-biggest city has finally reached an effervescent wine peak that lives up to its worldwide fame – not to mention the country is now the world's leader in wine consumption, at around 58 liters per capita. Read more
April 17, 2023

The Perfect Spring Day: Porto

Porto |
By Rafael Tonon
Porto -- In the song that became almost an anthem of Porto, the famous songwriter Rui Veloso describes the city where he was born in phrases like “of this beautiful and darkening light” and “seeing you abandoned like that in that brownish timbre.” Read more
February 14, 2023

Queijaria da Praça: The Green Cheesemonger

Porto |
By Rafael Tonon
Porto -- Queijaria da Praça sits in the Praça do Marquês neighborhood, in a cozy space where the temperature does not exceed 15ºC and the pungent aromas of cheese penetrate the nose as soon as one steps in. “When we opened, we wanted the store to be here,” owner Diana Guedes says. Far from the tourist areas of Baixa or Ribeira, crowded with visitors and more mass-market shops, the Praça do Marquês neighborhood is one of the best examples in Porto of bringing together a balanced mix of shops and residential buildings. Read more
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