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Paul Benjamin Osterlund

Paul Benjamin Osterlund

Paul, one of our Istanbul correspondents, is a freelance journalist and writer who has called Istanbul home for over 5 years. He completed an MA in Turkish Studies at Sabancı University, and has written for Al Jazeera, The National, The Atlantic's City Lab, Middle East Eye, Roads and Kingdoms, Deutsche Welle, and others. He loves exploring the far-flung reaches of Istanbul and plays guitar in the band Foton Kuşağı.

Recent stories by Paul Benjamin Osterlund

January 22, 2021

Barbaros Yoğurtçusu: 100 Years of Yogurt

Istanbul |
Istanbul -- Located near the end of Akşemsettin Street in Istanbul’s Fatih district is a small yogurt shop that radiates history. Barbaros Yoğurtçusu has been around since Kemal Kurap’s grandfather Abbas came to Istanbul from Albania at the dawn of the 20th century and established the business in 1918. Read more
December 23, 2020

Essential Bites: Mobile Meze and Versatile Lavaş in Istanbul

Istanbul |
By  and
Istanbul -- Müşterek’s Mezes on the Move Müşterek has been my favorite meyhane for quite some time, but I’ve been less than vocal about this in public. During its heyday, it could be tough to get a table in the cozy space even on a weekday, so I preferred to keep mum about this beloved spot on Beyoğlu’s Mis Sokak for fear of it becoming overhyped and overcrowded. Read more
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