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Mireia Font

Mireia Font

Mireia, "Mi", among friends, was born in Barcelona in the bosom of a family which believes that enjoying food is as important as breathing. Having lived around the world working as a Spanish teacher and translator, she returned to her hometown to get her priorities straight. Naturally she went straight into the kitchen. Inspired by her experiences abroad, she wrote two cookbooks that were published by Random House. These days she's doing what she loves- giving cooking lessons, writing about food and taking visitors to the eat at her favorite places.

Recent stories by Mireia Font

March 21, 2019

Building Blocks: Catalan Farm Bread, King of the Table

Barcelona -- While English speakers “bring home the bacon,” Spaniards “bring home the bread.” Indeed, bread plays a central role in Spanish and Catalan cuisine, acting almost as an essential ingredient in its own right, rather than simply playing the role of sidekick to other dishes. Read more
March 2, 2019

Cold Comfort: Trinxat, Catalonia’s Winter Trinity

Barcelona -- Three humble ingredients – potato, cabbage and bacon – that’s all it takes to cook trinxat, the quintessential Catalan wintertime comfort dish. Potatoes and cabbage are boiled and mixed with fried bacon, and everything is cooked as a mash in a pan until it resembles a potato omelet. Read more