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Lydia Carey

Lydia Carey

Lydia Carey is a freelance writer and translator based out of Mexico City. Her work has been published by publications including Delta Sky magazine, Hemispheres,, The New Worlder, Mexico News Daily, International Living and Luxury Latin America, among others. Lydia has been blogging and writing in Mexico for over a decade and is the author of Mexico City Streets: La Roma.

Recent stories by Lydia Carey

July 19, 2023

Restaurante ICHI: Mexico City’s Japanese Oasis

Mexico City |
Mexico City -- The bubbling of a miniature waterfall melds with the twitter of birds and the sounds of the cats that chase them in the Asociación México Japonesa (The Mexican Japanese Association)’s outdoor gardens. A hodgepodge of cypress trees, elephant’s foot plants, and ferns frame the koi ponds surrounded by red umbrellaed tables. Read more
January 10, 2023

Malportaco: New Wave Tacos

Mexico City |
Mexico City -- “People say, when are you going to expand? when are you going to change locations?... never.” Chef Selene Montero sits at one of the eight tables that comprise her restaurant Malportaco – a play on the word malportado, or “badly behaved” in Spanish. Multicolored ribbons hang from strings attached to the wooden rooftop that covers the sidewalk diners. Around us waiters weave among regulars, handing out Barrilito beers, aguas frescas and Mexico City’s best vegan tacos. Read more
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