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Francesca Savoldi

Francesca Savoldi

CB Lisbon correspondent Francesca is an academic researcher and freelance writer interested in spatial and social practices in cities. She is about to complete her PhD in planning and she has published in magazines about urban issues and contemporary culture. Originally from Italy, she has lived between Spain and Portugal since 2005. Food secrets and mega-cities are her obsessive topics of conversation.

Recent stories by Francesca Savoldi

November 2, 2019

Casa do Alentejo: Grand Setting, Humble Food

Lisbon |
Lisbon -- Walk in through an anonymous iron gate, halfway down a road you would assume to be completely spoiled by mass tourism, and a surprise awaits. Casa do Alentejo in downtown Lisbon is one of the many old-school regional associations in the city – but none of the others look quite like this. Read more
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