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Diana Farr Louis

Diana Farr Louis

CB Athens correspondent Diana, a native of the Big Apple, moved to the Big Olive in 1972. Passionate about the country and its "soul food," she began writing guidebooks and food columns in the late 80s and has since published scores of articles and three cookbooks: Prospero’s Kitchen, about the Ionian Islands, Feasting and Fasting in Crete and 2016’s A Taste Of Greece. For ten years chief travel correspondent for the weekly Athens News, she now writes a column, “Eating Well Is The Best Revenge,” for the website Weekly Hubris, and for the new monthly Greece Is. She is also working on a memoir of her early years in Greece.

Recent stories by Diana Farr Louis

March 5, 2019

Building Blocks: Trahana, The Ancient Instant Soup

Athens -- You might not have heard of trahana, sometimes called rustic pasta, if you don’t possess a Greek grandmother. This humble food rarely turns up in tavernas, yet it is a staple, especially in the winter months, and the basis of many a comforting meal. In fact, it may just be the world’s first instant soup. Read more
January 30, 2019

Sam Has The Wrong Boyfriend: An Affair To Remember

Athens -- Surely this is one of the most outlandish names for a restaurant anywhere. When we first heard it, we couldn’t believe our ears. First of all, Sam isn’t even a Greek name. But “informed sources” promised superlative food and a pleasant atmosphere so off we trotted, happy to be heading for the beguiling district between Keramikos and Metaxourgio, where no one had any reason to venture not even a decade ago. Read more