Austin Bush, Author at Culinary Backstreets
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Austin Bush

Recent stories by Austin Bush

November 11, 2022

Bota Feijão: Urban Pig Roast

Lisbon |
By Austin Bush
Lisbon -- There might be a menu at Bota Feijão, but we’ve never seen it. The only decision to make at this restaurant located just outside central Lisbon is whether or not you want a salad (the answer is yes) and what kind of wine to drink (the answer is sparkling). Read more
October 13, 2022

Recipe: Pastéis de Massa Tenra, Portuguese Hand Pies

Lisbon |
By Austin Bush
Lisbon -- “For me, it’s a grandma’s dish,” says Miguel Peres, without hesitation, when asked about his relationship with pastéis de massa tenra, a Lisbon specialty of deep-fried, palm-sized pastries filled with meat. “She would make a lot of them and freeze them, so we would always have them around. Read more
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