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Annie Etheridge

Annie Etheridge

Annie is a 13th-generation Virginian where she grew up appreciating all things culinary with family recipes like her grandmother’s ham with brown sugar and her mother’s spoon bread. Having wanderlust from an early age, Annie made her way to New York City where she worked as a photo editor for publishers Time Inc., Hearst, and Rodale. She also worked as a photographer on editorial assignments for The New York Times, The Miami Herald, Stern, The Fader, and Men’s Health. Missing her roots, she later founded Field & Clover, classic Southern biscuits made in NYC. Annie currently divides her time between New York City and Marseille, France. Her bags are always packed and she continues her love of wandering.

Recent stories by Annie Etheridge

May 25, 2023

Asabiya: The Pulse of Marseille

Marseille |
Marseille -- Marseille does not resemble the picture-postcard version of France. The locals here have a saying, "D'abord, on est Marseillais, ensuite on est Français." (First, we’re Marseillais, and then we’re French.) It is a city connected by a rich immigrant population and small neighborhoods, each with their own personality and identity. Read more
January 11, 2023

Comme à la Maison: Takeout, French Style

Marseille |
Marseille -- Prior to the popularity of French bouillon restaurants  in Paris in the mid 1800s, (restaurants that served a simple piece of meat in a soup stock for a good price) there was the French traiteur. A precursor to the restaurant as we know it, a traiteur (the word can roughly be translated as “caterer”) offers prepared meals to go. Read more
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