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Ségolène Bulot

Recent stories by Ségolène Bulot

December 20, 2023

Best Bites 2023: Palermo

Palermo |
By Francesco Cipriano and Ségolène Bulot
Palermo -- After 2023’s surge of tourists across Sicily (fueled, in many ways, by the international success of locally shot series like White Lotus and the upcoming Gattopardo), the new year promises to be a busy one, as more curious travelers are drawn by the stunning landscapes, impressive architecture and, of course, the delectable cuisine. Read more
November 16, 2023

Pastory: Strength in Noodles

Palermo |
By Ségolène Bulot
Palermo -- Pastory is located on Via Sammartino, in an affluent area of Palermo; however, this fresh pasta shop has its roots in revolution. It all began in 1968, a year marked by emancipatory struggles in France and beyond, which were reshaping societal norms and providing women with new avenues for participation and empowerment. Read more
August 15, 2023

Il Vizietto Bistrot: In Praise of Bad Habits

Palermo |
By Ségolène Bulot
Palermo -- In the historic center of the city, nestled near the vibrant Vucciria market, lies a unique dining experience in Il Vizietto Bistrot. A former abattoir, the space has been transformed into a restaurant that beckons patrons in search of a delicious meal. Read more
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