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Ségolène Bulot

Recent stories by Ségolène Bulot

March 29, 2023

Antica Focacceria del Massimo: Volcanic Arancini

Palermo |
By Ségolène Bulot
Palermo -- Sicily’s rich, volcanic soil has borne many fruits: grapes, figs, peaches and citrus, to name just a few. It has also cultivated fiery debates and regional rivalries about details of traditional recipes; culinary wars whose significance is usually lost on most non-Italians. Read more
March 9, 2023

Caffè del Kassaro: Market to Table

Palermo |
By Ségolène Bulot
Palermo -- The myriad walks around the streets of Palermo can stir up a variety of feelings – curiosity, awe, wonder. Strolling around the centro storico, the historic city center, one can’t help but feel that the city is drenched in history. The area is dotted with miracles; Phoenician and Roman vestiges, buildings dating from the Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque and Arab-Norman-Byzantine eras. Read more
March 3, 2023

Bar del Corso: Coffee, Baldo’s Way

Palermo |
By Ségolène Bulot
Palermo -- The traditional way of preparing coffee in Italy is using a manual lever coffee machine, which allows for precise control over the temperature and pressure of the water, resulting in a rich and flavorful cup of coffee. Read more
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