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Pearly Jacob

Recent stories by Pearly Jacob

January 30, 2024

Pictograma: Khinkali, As It Should Be

Tbilisi |
By Pearly Jacob
Tbilisi -- For a dish so ubiquitous, one would be forgiven to think there’s little to debate about Georgia’s national dumpling, the khinkali. But just as tastes vary, every Georgian has their own khinkali preferences and opinions. Read more
July 31, 2023

Recipe: Chakapuli, the Verdant (and Tart) Pearl of Georgian Stews

Tbilisi |
By Pearly Jacob
Tbilisi -- There’s no dish that signals in the arrival of spring and early summer in Georgia like the verdant tangy lamb stew called chakapuli. The spring dish, originally from the country’s wine growing eastern region of Kakheti, makes its seasonal debut at Orthodox Easter (or Paska) feasts that usually falls around mid-April. Read more
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