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Jenine Abboushi

Recent stories by Jenine Abboushi

June 5, 2023

Sur le Pouce: Couscous and Comfort Food

Marseille |
By Jenine Abboushi
Marseille -- The walk to Sur le Pouce, a popular Tunisian family restaurant, is a straight shot from Marseille’s central boulevard, La Canébiere. We make our way along rue Longues des Capucins, behind Alcazar, the main public library, pass the Chinese wholesale clothing stores – Joy Lady, Wei Wei, and New 35 – and arrive ten minutes and several wonderous lands later to the corner of rue de la Convalescence. Read more
May 10, 2023

Ekume: Panama meets Provence

Marseille |
By Jenine Abboushi
Marseille -- Écume is French for sea foam. Modifying one letter, Ekume is also the Saint Victor neighborhood’s new restaurant gastronomique that summons (and is summoned by) the Mediterranean every day. Located near the end of Rue Sainte in Marseille, Ekume’s neighborhood includes a promontory with thrilling views of the waters, boats, coastline and the Vieux Port. Read more
April 25, 2023

Caterine: The Quaint Canteen

Marseille |
By Jenine Abboushi
Marseille -- Rue Fontange is a narrow street with small, inspired businesses that seem to complement one another. The vitrine of Vinyl is lavishly covered in white-marker script, through which we can still see wine, records, and meals by Oumalala (now serving here); Read more
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