James Cullen, Author at Culinary Backstreets
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James Cullen

Recent stories by James Cullen

September 16, 2022

Jack Dempsey’s: Still in the Fight

New Orleans |
By James Cullen
New Orleans -- We were surprised to learn that Jack Dempsey’s restaurant was named after Richard “Jack” Dempsey, a straw hat wearing, cigar chomping former police reporter for the defunct States-Item newspaper, and not after the professional boxer Jack Dempsey, famously known as the Manassa Mauler. Read more
August 18, 2022

2NP: Barroom By Night, Café By Day

New Orleans |
By James Cullen
New Orleans -- Mercedes Gibson arrived in New Orleans in 1969 with, as she puts it, “ten dollars, ten children and a tank of gas.” The Franklin, Louisiana native’s eyes light up as she recounts the story while we sit at Mercedes Place, the working-class barroom she has owned and operated in the Lower 9th Ward’s Holy Cross neighborhood for thirty-two years. Read more
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