Florentyna Leow, Author at Culinary Backstreets
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Florentyna Leow

Recent stories by Florentyna Leow

November 23, 2022

Locale: California Dreaming (in the Heart of Tokyo)

Tokyo |
By Florentyna Leow
Tokyo -- “Can I have some wine? I’m a little sober now,” calls chef Katy Cole to sommelier and server Ben Ward-Perkins over the buzz of conversation and clinking cutlery. We’re two hours into the brunch service. He fills her glass, and she tips it back, taking a quick gulp. Read more
September 14, 2022

CB On the Road: Culinary Secrets of Dewa Sanzan’s Mountain Monks

Tokyo |
By Florentyna Leow
Tokyo -- Much has been written about the yamabushi of the Dewa Sanzan mountains in Yamagata Prefecture, about two and a half hours north of Tokyo via bullet train. The yamabushi are followers of Shugendo, an ascetic mountain religion best thought of as an amalgamation of Shinto, Buddhism, Taoism, and mountain worship. Read more
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