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Once the hub of a trading empire that connected Macau in the east to Rio de Janeiro in the west, Lisbon today can at times feel like a sleepy town of nostalgic storefronts and scenic churches. But that’s only its façade. Take a closer look and you’ll discover a city that still maintains deep-rooted links around the world – just consider the local obsession with African piri piri sauce.

But there’s an even stronger tie to Portugal’s past in Lisbon, one that can be found in the form of the city’s communities from the former colonies. Though integral elements of Lisbon life, these communities can sometimes be an invisible presence in their adopted land, pushed out to the periphery of the city.

With our “Postcolonial Lisbon” series, CB hopes to bring these communities back into the center, looking at their cuisine, history and cultural life. In this first installment of the series, we look at Lisbon’s Cape Verdean community.

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May 21, 2017

Cutting Loose at the Mouraria Street Party

Lisbon | By Culinary Backstreets
By Culinary Backstreets
LisbonA snapshot from our Mouraria Street Party in Lisbon, which was held earlier this month in conjunction with Obscura Day. As one might guess, lots of fun was had by all!