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Book now Give as a gift  US $135/adult
  • 2-7 people Gràcia      ~5.5 hours 9am, 9:30am 
    Mon – Sat

Quick bite:  In this full-day exploration of the proudly Catalan district of Gràcia, we’ll visit markets, an old school bodega, cozy traditional haunts, and creative contemporary restaurants in search of the neighborhood’s soul.

At first glance, the Gràcia district of Barcelona appears to be the gatekeeper of the resurgent Catalan identity: “Free Catalonia!” graffiti scrawled in the backstreets, Catalan flags flying from so many balconies, the distinct sound of the Catalan language heard in cafés and eateries.

But as one explores the covered markets, bakeries and small bodegas of this colorful, lesser-explored area, the politics du jour recede and the deep culinary roots of this unique culture come into view.

Proud, friendly and always laid-back, the vibe in Gràcia is infectious – and best sampled through the neighborhood’s food.

It’s no wonder that most of the restaurants in this area cater to a local clientele that’s multigenerational. We’ll start with coffee and traditional cakes in a century-old sweets shop and eat our way through two of Barcelona’s most celebrated markets. We’ll sample local cheeses and the finest Iberian ham. Per local custom, we’ll duck into a timeworn bar – a neighborhood institution – to have a sip of artisanal vermouth before lunch.

But Gràcia is not just home to atmospheric old corner bars and church squares. Here we find creative chefs giving a contemporary spin on traditional Catalan dishes and smartly designed shops. In each of the dozen places we visit, from the rustic to the refined, we’ll learn more about the Catalan kitchen and day-to-day Catalan life in its stronghold, Gràcia.

Fee includes everything consumed on the walk.  Some special features:

Terrain fairly flat/ Stroller – friendly Children welcome
Residential neighborhood, modernist building Includes market visits
Can accommodate a vegetarian and pescatarian diet Pork and alcohol served, but can be substituted

Route maps are for planning purposes only.  A detailed confirmation email will be sent upon booking with actual meeting point of your walk.


What is included in the fee?

In addition to your Culinary Backstreets guide, all food consumed on the walk- almost a dozen different edible specialties- are included in the price.  A limited selection of alcohol is served on the walks and is included in the price.

Why is the Culinary Backstreets tour more expensive than some other walking tours?

Our approach is different than most tour companies. Each of our culinary walks is the outcome of considerable research. We work with academics in the field and our own team of experienced professionals – both guides and local journalists. Our ongoing publishing of articles, from restaurant reviews to features about the intersection of food and culture, constantly feeds new material into the culinary walks, so they evolve and constantly improve. Though costly, we believe that this is how to create the quality experiences we strive for.

We practice honest tourism  and would never accept a free lunch or any sort of commission. On the contrary, we are proud to know that the money spent during the culinary walk goes to support businesses that we believe in, helping to preserve the social and cultural fabric of the cities we love so dearly.

How does the payment process work?

Once you have made a reservation, we require the full $135 fee to be paid in order to complete the online booking. Our online booking system uses Stripe to process secure payments.

What is your cancellation policy?

100% will be refunded if given 1 week notice prior to walk and 50% will be refunded if given 72 hours notice or more.

Are your walks public or private? How many people are on them?

Our walks are 2-7 people and are open to the public. If you would like to do a private walk, we may be able to arrange one for an additional fee. Please contact us at for more information.

Can I get a discount if I join more than one walk?

Yes, we offer a 10% discount to those who join more than one walk. Please email us at if you’d like to join multiple walks.

Are your walks suitable for people with food allergies?

This can vary based on a number of factors, including the food item in question. Please email us at to discuss your situation before booking. The Made in Catalonia walk can accommodate participants who do not eat fish, who do not eat seafood, or who do not consume dairy. Please always note your dietary restrictions on your booking.

Are your walks suitable for vegetarians, pescatarians, and vegans?

We do not recommend this activity for vegans but vegetarians and pescatarians can be accommodated.

Are your walks suitable for a gluten-free diet?

We can modify this walk for gluten-free diets, please note it in your reservation.

How physically demanding are the walks?

The walk is about 2KM (1.25 miles) of fairly flat terrain, broken up into almost a dozen stops. The streets and sidewalks of Barcelona are quite well kept but we do recommend wearing comfortable walking shoes.

Can children join the walks?

Of course! We offer a 50% discount to children ages 12 and under, and we do not charge for children under the ages 6 and under.

Can you pick me up from my hotel? How will I return, once the tour is over?

Our tour prices don’t include transportation. If you book a tour, you’re responsible for arriving to the pre-arranged meeting spot on your own.

Once the tour is over, we will help you get an authorized, safe taxi to your hotel, or provide directions on public transportation, if you’re interested in that.

How much food will I get to try?

This is really up to you. We generally make between 9 and 12 eating stops on our walk and try to include some breaks from eating along the way. The price includes as much food as you’re open to trying. We offer a suggested portion size at each stop and you can take our recommendation if you’d like. Our walks often involve street food and sharing food.

restaurant barcelona gràcia


At first glance, Berbena, a restaurant in Gràcia, resembles a small, pretty tree with dazzling foliage – it offers a sophisticated and complex dining experience. […]

bodega barcelona

Bar Code

Wooden wine barrels with taps, shabby old furniture, noisy antiquated fridges, soda siphons from the 1960s… these are the building blocks of Barcelona’s classic bodegas. […]

Pollería Fontana, photos by Paula Mourenza

Pollería Fontana

At Pollería Fontana, a cozy restaurant inspired by the owner’s history in a poultry shop, it’s neither chicken nor eggs, but rather family that comes […]

Starting the Day in Gràcia

Sometimes we like to indulge ourselves and start the day off with fresh grilled scallops and sparkling cava wine, simple and lovely Catalan delicacies found […]

Wheel Hospitality

Bars, cafés, taverns and restaurants have historically functioned as meeting spots for all kinds of urban communities, from intellectuals to politicians and artists – revolutions have […]

Meet the Vendors

A tomato is a tomato, or that’s what it might seem like to grocery shoppers in Barcelona. But Karim, who currently oversees two hectares of […]

Patriotically Colored Bread in Barcelona

Pa de Sant Jordi, bread striped with the bright yellow and red of the Catalan flag to celebrate La Diada de Sant Jordi, may be the new-kid-on-the-block […]

Spring (Onions) Are in the Air

The trick to cooking calçots, a special Catalan spring onion, is simple: a good charcoal grill. The heat from the glowing embers is crucial to […]


Just as moments in time can be captured by a photograph, to savor at a later date, so too can the freshest meats and produce […]

A Chewy Little Christmas in Barcelona

Subtle or dazzling, soft or hard, made with almonds or hazelnuts, turrones (nougats) are a staple at every Christmas table in Spain. In the lead up […]

Catalan Snails in Gràcia

Low in fat and calories and rich in minerals and proteins, the snail is an old staple with a newfound popularity – while perhaps not […]

Mercat de L’Abaceria Central new location

Makeshift Market

“Now we finally have light!” a vendor excitedly tells a customer, one of many similar exclamations we overhear while wandering around the new temporary digs […]

The Cherry On Top

An employee at Sirvent tops the shop’s artisanal ice cream with bright red candied cherries. Sirvent is one of Barcelona’s turronerías (also called torronerías), so-called […]

Faithful Horchata Drinkers in Barcelona

Horchata, a unique and deliciously refreshing concoction made from chufas (tigernuts), water and sugar and served chilled, is beloved across Spain. In Barcelona, there’s really only […]

Building Blocks

For thousands of years, snails have been an easy source of protein, particularly during lean times. But for the Romans, these slimy mollusks were more […]

Pour One Out from the Porrón

We practice using the porrón, a glass jug originally intended to hold bulk wine, on our Made in Catalonia walk. Pouring the wine directly into […]

Drinks With a Side of History

The easiest way to pick out a bodega in Barcelona is to look for big wooden wine barrels – they always, and we mean always, […]

King for a Day in Barcelona

On January 6, bakeries throughout Barcelona are filled to the brim with tortell de reis (roscón de reyes in Spanish), or kings’ cake. Whoever finds […]

Caga Tío

Editor’s Note: We’re taking a short break from our annual Best Bites series to bring readers a holiday favorite from our Barcelona archives. Enjoy! Caga […]

Turrón Time

A vendor weighs Marcona almonds that will be used to make turrón, a delicate type of soft nougat with ancient culinary roots. It is one […]

Mushrooms Make an Appearance in Barcelona

These mushrooms were a sight for sore eyes on our culinary walk – they arrived a bit late to Catalonia this year because of the […]

Bodega Neus

Editor’s note: We regret to report that Bodega Neus has closed. Bodega Neus, a tranquil, cozy spot on a narrow street in Gràcia, may look […]

Mornings in Barcelona

Mornings in Barcelona start with a strong “tallat” coffee and “pa amb tomàquet” (bread with tomato) along with some “tortilla” slices fresh from the market’s […]

Yes Peas: A Barcelona Market Scene

A flashback from the end of March where we captured the first local peas as they hit Barcelona’s outdoor markets. May 16, 2017 Mornings in Barcelona […]

Spring’s Calling in Barcelona

The last calçots of the season mark the beginning of Barcelona’s spring. Grab a batch on our Made in Catalonia walk while you still can! […]

Best on Bread

Between two simple slices of bread exists a mind-boggling array of possibilities – something not lost on Spaniards, who have turned sandwich making into something […]

Coal Candy and Other Holiday Treats in Gràcia

Coal candy (yes, completely edible) is among treats we encountered over the holidays on our Made in Catalonia walk in the heart of Barcelona’s Gràcia […]

Building Blocks

Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Portugal, Morocco, Tunisia – one thing that unites this swathe of the Mediterranean is olive oil, whose use in the Fertile […]

Pintxtos in Gràcia

Pinxtos are tiny servings of tapas that come in countless varieties, many of which can be sampled on our Made in Catalonia walk in Barcelona’s […]

Holiday Gifts

Barcelona’s food shops and colmados offer culinary treasures all year long, but the holidays are a particularly exciting time for browsing their wares. The festive […]

Mushroom Timbale and Wine Porrón in Gràcia

Escalivada and craterellus-yellow foot mushroom timbale alongside wine porrón are among the pleasant culinary experiences you’ll encounter on our walk in the Barcelona neighborhood of […]

Festa Major de Grácia 2016 in Barcelona

Whales, mermaids, pirates, polar bears and even magicians and hobbits are part of our culinary route these days in Barcelona’s Grácia neighborhood! And of course, […]

Colors from the Canary Islands in Barcelona

Some color from the Canary Islands: papas with mojo picón (green pepper, red bell pepper and goat cheese) can be found in our Barcelona Bodegas walk! […]

Santa Gula

Halfway between a French bistro, a Nordic café and a Spanish casa de comidas (a traditional small family-run eatery where the menu changes according to […]

Closing Time

After four generations of doing business in the same shop – housed since 1907 in a beautiful moderniste building between Paseo de Gràcia and Gran […]

Made in Catalonia

Quick bite:  In this full-day exploration of the proudly Catalan district of Gràcia, we’ll visit markets, an old school bodega, cozy traditional haunts, and creative […]

In Barcelona, it’s Catalan Wine By the Barrel

The wood barrels at L’Electricitat in La Barceloneta, a stop on our Blessed by the Mediterranean walk, are filled with Catalan wine sold to locals […]

Barcelona’s Artisanal Candy

Barcelona is paradise for those with a sweet tooth. Pastries, nougats, cakes, chocolates and candies can be found in every neighborhood, all year long. We’ve […]

Tortell de Reis

Editor’s note: This is the second of our two-part series on kings’ cake. The first, on the version found in Mexico City, appeared yesterday. May […]

Caga Tío

Caga Tió, Tió de Nadal No cagues arengadas Que són saladas Caga torróns Que són més bons It’s not a carol, but it is likely […]

Best Bites 2015

Editor’s note: We’re celebrating another year of excellent backstreets eating by taking a look back at our favorite restaurants and dishes of 2015. May 10, […]

La Barraqueta-Resolís

El Resolís has already been through several reincarnations, each time as a meeting place for strong, yet completely different – sometimes opposing – social groups. […]

Best Buzz

As we wrote in part one, specialty coffee has really taken off in Barcelona, after a long period of limited options and mediocre to bad […]

Catalan Ice Cream

Editor’s note: It’s Cool Treats Week at Culinary Backstreets, and for our second installment, we head to Barcelona, where turronerías and ice cream parlors serve up traditional flavors made […]


Why are you seeing colorful, 1960s-era carbonated water siphons everywhere in Barcelona? Because they’re the symbol of our beloved vermut ritual. May 10, 2017 Sergi […]


Spain – and of course Barcelona – has always been a breeding ground for creative types in the kitchen. There’s an ever-increasing number of restaurants […]


Some restaurants are enjoyable because they continually offer surprising, innovative creations, while others we like for the opposite reason: because they are reliable in their […]

Lo Pinyol

Bars and literature are like bees and flowers: two separate worlds linked to each other through a symbiotic relationship that benefits both. May 10, 2017 […]

In the House of Cod

In Spain, preserving the rituals of Lent – historically a period of 40 days of prayer, penance and pious abstinence from eating meat that leads […]


Pere Valls Isart is passionate about his restaurant, Bilbao, which his family bought, with the name already in place, in 1954. May 10, 2017 Sergi […]

La Panxa del Bisbe

Here we are in the Bishop’s Belly, La Panxa del Bisbe, which is not the midsection of a Catalan priest, but both a restaurant and […]

Bean Week

Known in Catalan as mongetes – “little nuns,” as Catalonia’s oldest kind of beans resemble the pale face of a nun in her black habit […]

Lata Berna

The name of this appealing Gràcia eatery is a play on words, an amalgam of la taberna, or “tavern,” and lata, or “tin.” May 16, […]

Tortell de Reis

Editor’s note: This is the second of our two-part series on kings’ cake. The first, on the version found in Mexico City, appeared yesterday. May […]

Casa Pagès

Editor’s note: We’re wrapping up Soup Week here at Culinary Backstreets with an old favorite in Gràcia that serves classic wintertime Spanish soul food. August 1, 2012 […]

Caga Tío

Caga Tió, Tió de Nadal No cagues arengadas Que són saladas December 25, 2015 Caga Tío (0)   Posted in BarcelonaDecember 13, 2017 Caga Tío […]

Barcelona’s Artisanal Candy

Editor’s note: For the final installment in Sweets Week, we turn to Barcelona, a veritable wonderland of sugary treats, where old-fashioned hard candy is as […]

Panellets for All Saints’ Day

While Americans celebrate Halloween this week with M&Ms and Milk Duds, in Catalonia this time of the year is marked with a different, more sophisticated, […]

Catalan Ice Cream

As you might expect from a city whose weather forecast tends to be sunny, Barcelona has plenty of excellent ice cream options, even as summer […]


In Catalonia around the summer solstice, we make one of our most traditional liqueurs, ratafía, for which the herbs, fruit and flowers that are macerated […]

Jamón Ibérico

In Spain, pork is serious business; it’s been a fundamental part of the diet here for millennia. Pigs were an important animal on the first […]

Spring Fever

The reach of globalization and industrial agriculture is such that you can find pretty much any kind of vegetable all year long at markets throughout […]

Bulk Food

Early on in Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s 2001 film Amélie, the title character plunges her hand into a big sack of lentils, relishing the sensation of them […]

Bulk Wine

For so long, bulk wine has been synonymous with plonk – even in a country like Spain, where buying wine straight from the barrel was […]

Barcelona’s Top 5 Xurrerias

Churros, the long, skinny, crenellated, sweet fried crullers made from just flour, water and salt, have been enjoyed for centuries in Spain, with hot chocolate […]

Barcelona’s Gintonics

Editor’s note: Our third installment in the Global Bar Crawl takes us to Barcelona, where gin continues to be the drink of choice among locals. […]

Can Ros

Editor’s note: Our penultimate installment for Breakfast Week here at CB comes from Barcelona, where the traditional Catalan breakfast is not for the faint of […]

Best Bites 2013

Editor’s note: This post is the second installment of “Best Bites of 2013,” a roundup of our top culinary experiences over the last year. Stay […]

El Tossal

[Editor’s note: We’re sorry to report that El Tossal has closed.] May 16, 2017 Mornings in Barcelona (0) Mornings in Barcelona start with a strong […]

Catalonia’s White Wines

When we think of white wine in Catalonia, we think of its seemingly endless possibilities. Production of whites here has a 2,000-year-old history. The wide-ranging […]

La Pepita

We’ve written a great deal about all the traditional Catalan, Basque and Spanish food around town, but what about the modern, globally influenced cooking that’s […]

Bodega Manolo

At first glance, Bodega Manolo seems like the usual wine shop/tapas bar that Barcelona does so well: a solid place to replenish our wine stocks […]


The first thing we noticed about Lukumas, a well-loved Greek doughnut shop in Gràcia, was its creative graphic identity. That should come as no surprise […]

La Pubilla

Editor’s note: During the dog days of August, much of the city of Barcelona – including many dining establishments – shuts down for an extended […]

El Tast de Joan Noi

In Barcelona, food markets are longtime culinary institutions beloved by both neighbors and chefs. Their intense sights, smells and sounds are a wonderful, chaotic amuse-bouche […]


Ikastola means school in Basque. Covering the wall on the right as you walk in is a huge green chalkboard, inviting all to have a […]

Spanish Conservas: Gourmet Food? It’s in the Can

In Spain, conservas, or foods preserved in cans and jars, are not simply a matter of economic survival or a source of basic nutrition for […]

Barcelona’s Top Street Foods

Editor’s note: This feature from Barcelona is the third installment in our series this week devoted to the top street foods in each of the […]

Vermuteria Loú

Located on busy Carrer de l’Escorial on the edge of Gràcia, Vermuteria Loú is a tiny, cozy venue that is exactly what we look for […]

Ask CB: Kid-Friendly Dining in Barcelona?

Dear Culinary Backstreets, We will be visiting Barcelona with our children. Do you have any good recommendations of places in the city to eat with […]

In the House of Cod: Lent and Easter in Barcelona

Editor’s note: This post wraps up “Spring (Food) Break 2013,” our weeklong look at the favorite foods of the spring season in each city Culinary Backstreets covers. […]

When the Going Gets Tough, the Catalonians Get Brewing

Once a mostly beer-free country, Spain – traditionally a land of wine drinkers – has recently started to develop a taste for the sudsy beverage, […]

Ask CB: Lesser-Known Barcelona Food Markets?

Dear Culinary Backstreets, I’m traveling to Barcelona and I love visiting food markets. I’ve heard a lot about La Boquería, but are there any other […]


De toda la vida is a Spanish expression that basically means “It’s been around forever,” and it’s a sure thing that the locals in Barcelona’s […]

Calçots: Not Your Average Onion

As the legend goes, a 19th-century Catalan farmer was out experimenting in his fields when he came up with a new kind of longer, juicier […]

Best Bites of 2012: Barcelona

Editor’s note: This is the penultimate installment of “Best Bites of 2012,” a roundup of our top culinary experiences over the last year. Stay tuned […]

La Nena

The large banner in La Nena chocolatería proclaiming “No Hay Alcohol” (strung up between a rocking horse and a wooden toy kitchen) makes it fairly […]


The first thing we noticed about Lukumas, a well-loved Greek doughnut shop in Gràcia, was its creative graphic identity. That should come as no surprise […]

La Pubilla

When chef Alexis Peñalver was looking for a location to open La Pubilla last year, he found this gem adjacent to el Mercado de la […]


Editor’s note, January 2016: We’re sorry to report that this venue has closed. Ikastola means school in Basque. Covering the wall on the right as […]

Untitled-9     We have a traditional Catalan breakfast of an over-easy egg atop beans and sausage. It’s hearty and delightful. Our tour includes a stop at a ham shop for Iberico and Serrano hams, a lunch of cod and wine drunk from a traditional porron wine pitcher, a vermoutherie to enjoy an afternoon aperitif and some olives and anchovies, and a bodega with kegs of wine. In one afternoon, I get a sense of old and new Barcelona. Read more 

Untitled-10 If you want to know where to eat slightly off the beaten tracks or are interested in going for a food walk in asmall group, you must check out Culinary Backstreets. They are the ideal choice if you want to unearth more underground places and experience eating among locals, and tucking into dishes prepared by some of the best cooks. With gastronomy being at the forefront of many a conversations in Barcelona, we met with Paula to find out her favorite places and things to do and see in the city. Read more

CG A company called Culinary Backstreets that “can help you find…an array of ‘ mom-and-pop shops that really matter to the neighborhood’ but don’ t tend to be part of the cruise-ship circuit,” it caught my eye. Read more

Untitled-12 Make sure to bring an appetite for this tour which will see you chowing down on churros, cake and some of the more traditional local breakfast dishes, exploring the flavours of Iberian ham, baked goods, cheeses, local lunch treats and sampling the vermouth culture. And, like any great food tour, there are one or two surprises. Read more

Untitled-13We started with the best churros Ive ever had, then moved onto a gypsy arm, a traditional Catalonian breakfast, catànies, a visit to a local mercat (market), herbed snails and so much more!! Everything was so fantastic, I cant even decide which one was my favourite. At least this time we didnt make the mistake of eating breakfast before the tour, we werent so smart in Istanbul and could barely move by the time we got to the end of our tour!! Read more

Untitled-14 What a great tour it was. All the stuff that city dwelling Catalans love to do. The nuts, the hams, the vermouth bar, and one of the trickiest ways of drinking wine ever! It was just an absolute joy from start to finish. Read more

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