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Paul Rimple

Paul Rimple

Paul, CBs Tbilisi Bureau Chief, is a northern California native who gave up a cooking career to move to Chicago to front his own blues band. He spent much of the 1990s in Krakow, Poland before moving in 2002 to Tbilisi, Georgia, where he works as a freelance journalist and performs with his band, The Natural Born Lovers. A former columnist at The Moscow Times, he has been a regular contributor to, The Christian Science Monitor and Deutsche Welle and has written for Foreign Policy, Roads and Kingdoms and the BBC, among others. His only regret is there are no Mexican restaurants in Tbilisi, yet.

Recent stories by Paul Rimple

July 13, 2018

Kiwi Vegan Café: Carnivores Welcome

Tbilisi -- We had heard about Kiwi Vegan Café even before a dozen thuggish carnivores raided the little vegan restaurant in 2016, munching grilled meat, smoking cigarettes, throwing sausages and fish at customers and starting a brawl that spilled out onto the street. Read more
June 22, 2018

Minimalist: Riding the Third Wave

Tbilisi -- In 2001, we rented a room in Vera, near the Philharmonia, and the first thing we did after dumping our bags on the bed was find some coffee for the morning. The best we could score from the little neighborhood market was a can of Pele, a fine-ground instant coffee powder that seemed less toxic than Nescafé, which was also much more expensive. Read more
June 20, 2018

Cheese in Sheep’s Clothing

Tbilisi -- Guda cheese is sheep cheese from eastern Georgia, aged in guda, which is sheep skin. Nowadays most guda is aged in plastic, but we found one vendor at the Deserter’s Bazaar in Tbilisi who has the real deal in her stall, which comes from Tusheti in the high Caucasus.