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María Ítaka

Recent stories by María Ítaka

November 17, 2023

Pan con Madre: Oaxaca’s Sourdough Pioneer

Oaxaca |
By María Ítaka
Oaxaca -- Six days a week, Pan con Madre buzzes with activity, filled with the irresistible scents of rows and rows of freshly baked sourdough bread and other treats. While today this is one of Oaxaca’s most interesting and popular bakeries, the road to success for Pan con Madre has been a long journey of experimentation, risk taking and innovation. Read more
August 23, 2023

La Cofra: Surf and Suds

Oaxaca |
By María Ítaka
Oaxaca -- One of the most powerful and restorative culinary combos enjoyed in Mexico is, without a doubt, seafood and micheladas, delicious concoctions made with beer – usually lager – and a mix of sauces, lime and spices, which can go from zero to quite spicy. Read more
July 5, 2023

Aguas Casilda: Fresh Take

Oaxaca |
By María Ítaka
Oaxaca -- I first met Socorro Irinea Valera Flores years ago, when Oaxaca was not yet under the spotlight of the culinary industry. As part of a high school project in which I had to map Oaxaca’s most “heartwarming” spots for food and drinks, I visited the iconic Aguas Casilda, a nearly 100-year-old storefront that has been selling aguas frescas (fruit-flavored water) to at least three generations of Oaxacan families. Read more
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