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María Ítaka

Recent stories by María Ítaka

June 18, 2024

La Original Cangreburger: Fast Food Artistry

Oaxaca |
By María Ítaka
Oaxaca -- It is 6:30 pm – the workday of most of the taco, quesadilla and memela vendors in the city is over, but “The Artist’s” shift has just begun. Every day, as the dusk light bathes the streets, 34-year-old Caleb Santiago sets up his food cart right below the centuries-old clock that overlooks the corner of 5 de Mayo and Murguía. Read more
May 6, 2024

Wicho’s Donut House: Reverse Culinary Migration

Oaxaca |
By María Ítaka
Oaxaca -- As he drove us to Tlacolula, some 19 miles east of Oaxaca City, in his burgundy-and-white taxi, salsa music in the background and a tiny bronze cross hanging from his rearview mirror, our driver Félix was philosophizing about migration. Read more
April 11, 2024

Oscuro Brebaje: Potent Potions

Oaxaca |
By María Ítaka
Oaxaca -- As difficult as the last two years have been for food businesses, it has offered many establishments an opportunity to rethink how they do things and come back with a greater sense of purpose. Take the example of Oaxaca’s Oscuro Brebaje, a café that took a pause, only to emerge stronger and more inviting. Read more
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