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Lorenza Mussini

Recent stories by Lorenza Mussini

December 27, 2019

Best Bites 2019: Istanbul

Istanbul |
By Paul Benjamin Osterlund, Geoffrey Ballinger and Lorenza Mussini
Istanbul -- This year we came across scores of new places and watched as bars and restaurants continue to sprout up throughout the city in defiance of Turkey’s severe economic downtown (as the saying goes, bars always do well in times of crisis). Read more
November 19, 2019

Kadıköy Çorbacısı: Souped Up Kitchen

Istanbul |
By Lorenza Mussini
Istanbul -- It’s been three years since that fateful windy day in December when Nacho, a friend of ours who usually prefers the quiet of his house to popular cafés or crowded bars, suggested we have a soup at Kadıköy Çorbacısı. Read more
September 4, 2019

Dondurmacı Yaşar Usta: Ice Cream Guru

Istanbul |
By Lorenza Mussini
Istanbul -- It was a scorching summer day in Istanbul, one of those days when the only thing you can imagine eating is ice cream. We were in Moda, and our friend Vicente suggested a stop at Dondurmacı Yaşar Usta – in fact, he’d been raving about this ice cream all summer long. So we followed him to the branch on Bahariye Caddesi, in hopes of understanding why he’s so crazy about it. Read more