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James Young

James Young

CB Mexico City correspondent James has lived in the Mexican capital since 2000. He has a degree in experimental nuclear physics and has been published too often. He is a writer now for 13 years. He loves Mexico City and finding its hidden edible treasures.

Recent stories by James Young

November 9, 2018

Jing Teng: More Chino, Less Mexicano

Mexico City -- Before we got down to the business of food, there was the business of tea. As soon as we were seated at one of the large round tables at Jing Teng in Mexico City’s Viaducto Piedad neighborhood, our server, Montse, placed a pot of piping hot red tea on the lazy Susan in front of us. Read more
September 20, 2018

Taquería Los Parados: No Seats Required

Mexico City -- Our trip to Taquería Los Parados in Roma Sur last month began like any other: we gathered up four friends and began the trek to this beloved taco spot. But the dark, moody sky threatened rain, and in anticipation of a gushing downpour, we piled into a cab minutes before the first giant, icy cold rain drops began to pelt down. Read more
August 7, 2018

Los Sinaloenses: Fish Cartel

Mexico City -- The northwestern Mexican state of Sinaloa is nestled between the western Sierra Madre Mountains and the Gulf of California – putting it between surf and high desert, and the sea doth offer bounty. Read more