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Nestled between Europe’s most volatile volcano, Mount Vesuvius, and the sparkling blue waters of the Mediterranean, Naples is a city of vivid beauty and intense street life with a richly layered history topped off by its world famous cuisine. Home of the pizza, the world’s oldest opera house, a street plan that dates back to the ancient Greeks and unique homegrown superstitious rituals, experiencing the city stimulates all six senses at once.

On this six day, five night culinary adventure in and around the city of Naples, we’ll be exploring the cuisine and culture of this fascinating city, from the gold gilded to the rough and ready. We’ll use the city’s famous cooking as a window into daily life and culture, meeting artisans who keep the city fed and visiting producers of speciality products such as buffalo mozzarella, tasting it freshly made and still warm. We’ll feel the volcanic soil of Vesuvius beneath our feet, visiting vineyards and farms where Naples’ legendary San Marzano tomatoes ripen. We’ll explore hidden workshops tucked into the dark alleys of the city, where a cadre of old masters practice obsolete trades like umbrella repair and market sign painting. Along the way we will dive deep into spiritual side of the city — attending a special Mass in which a miracle is believed to take place once a week and venturing into an underground ossuary where human bones are tended lovingly in a cult of the dead. We’ll even visit a streetside savant who will interpret our dreams to help us choose a number to play in the lottery. And, of course, we will experience the singular miracle of Neapolitan pizza.

From street food to a lavish feast, piping-hot coffee to smooth aperitivos, folk songs to opera, hilltop farms to urban wilds, we’ll engage in the greatest culinary and cultural experiences of Naples, meeting lively local Neapolitani for whom this is the only way to live.

This adventure is limited to only 12 hungry explorers.

Trip Highlights

Private kitchen, workshop and studio visits: We’ll be welcomed into kitchens, workshops and studios of artisans, otherwise off-limits to the public.

Hands-on demonstrations and cooking lessons: We’ll learn the secrets of Neapolitan cuisine from the masters, including a special pizza-making class.

Live performance: We will attend an opera in the oldest opera house in the world and be treated to a private concert of Neapolitan folk music.

Religious ceremonies: We will attend a Catholic Mass of major local importance and visit other shrines.

Agricultural visit: We will visit farms and vineyards on Mount Vesuvius.


Day 1:  Arrival & Welcome

Arrive and check into the hotel at your leisure. We’ll gather in the late afternoon for a stroll and aperitivo. While enjoying sweeping views over the city and the bay with Vesuvius lurking in the distance, we’ll get an overview of all that awaits us this week.

Afterward, we’ll walk to dinner at a cozy local restaurant for our first taste of the iconic dishes of the Naples kitchen.

Day 2:  Exploring the City’s Kitchen

Today we will take a long and deep look at the city’s cuisine, it’s markets and the street life that revolves around it.

We’ll get back in the kitchen and meet chefs of classic Neapolitan pastries, such as the baba au rum and sfogliatelle, and later, in a street market, we will meet third generation bakers of a local bread in their family bakery. Along the way we will have salt cod and street food and we will stop into the studio of the city’s last market sign painter.

We’ll finish with pizza at what is probably the city’s- if not the world’s- best pizzeria.

Day 3: The Cult of Naples

On this day we will explore the religious practices and Neapolitan superstitions starting with a weekly miracle during a Mass. After that we will visit shrines and descend into catacombs where human bones are venerated and even adopted by locals. We’ll learn about the rituals and beliefs that live in these monumental sanctuaries.

Lunch will be at a classic neighborhood trattoria, beloved by locals.

In the evening, we will head out for a hands-on pizza workshop at a local pizzeria. During the workshop we will learn the art of pizza-making, step by step, from a master. Then we will enjoy the fruit of our labor, with a pizza dinner.

Day 4:  Phlegraean Fields, Archaeology, Seafood and Wineries

Home of Vulcan, the Roman god of fire, this volcanic zone is a netherworld of crater lakes, ancient waterways, thriving viticulture and seafood farming. We’ll spend the day here learning about the agriculture, snacking on the local mussels, and lunching at a local winery accompanied by their unique wines and digging into the history of the place. We’ll get an in depth view of rich archaeological ruins in the area including the remarkably well-preserved basement of a significant amphitheater from which animals were released during gladiator games. And we’ll visit a tunnel, believed in ancient times to be a gate to hell.

Day 5: Handmade Napoli

We’ll have the morning free to relax in the old city and have a lunch on your own before meeting at the hotel for a walking tour of the city’s craftsmen. We’ll visit the workshops and studios of wood carvers, umbrella makers, luthier, nativity scene artists and much more.

In the evening we will gather for our farewell dinner held in a private home in one of the city’s most iconic buildings. In this noble setting, we’ll feast on course after course of Napoli staples accompanied by local wines as musicians of the distinct Neapolitan musical tradition play their favorite songs, celebrating in the Neapolitan way.

Day 6:  Farewell & Departure

Depart for home or extend your stay in Naples.

Until the next adventure!