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Lisbon On-Line Cooking Class

CB Cooks (Online): Lisbon – Monkfish rice menu

2-10 screens

In the comfort of your own kitchen

~2.5 hours

2pm EST

Quick Bite: Join our small group online cooking class from Lisbon to learn how to make Portugese dishes inspired by beloved local neighborhood kitchens.

We like to think of the kitchen as a kind of teleportation device, one that can magically transport you to a dramatically different location through the act of cooking. Mix together the right ingredients and, poof, you might suddenly find yourself in Lisbon. That’s the idea behind our online cooking classes – these aren’t simply lessons, they are journeys in their own right.

Going deeper, these lessons – led by members of the Culinary Backstreets team, all with professional cooking experience and deep relationships with the chefs and cooks whose dishes we feature – are also an exploration of some of our most beloved neighborhood kitchens, with menus inspired by their best recipes. We’ve spent years in the backstreets, as part of our tours and on our own, researching and digging into the very best dishes of our cities’ kitchens and getting to know the people who uphold their culinary traditions. Along the way, we’ve managed to collect some of the secrets of their iconic dishes, which we are very happy to share through our online classes.

For online cooking class from Lisbon, we’ve taken inspiration from Ponto Final, a family-run waterside restaurant that, naturally, specializes in cooking fish and seafood. In this two-hour small-group experience, you’ll be led from start to finish through the steps of preparing Arroz de Tamboril, a homey and soupy stew made with monkfish and rice that is one of Ponto Final’s most classic and beloved dishes. You will also learn how to make Tarte de Amêndoa, a Portuguese-style toffee-topped almond tart – the perfect sweet accompaniment to your fish stew.

When your lesson is done, you’ll have your own small Lisbon-style meal ready to eat – and prepare again. Sit back, raise a glass of port (find some ahead of your class to complete the experience) and imagine yourself back in Lisbon. It won’t be hard to do.

Note: This booking calendar is for a later time in the day for Western time zones. If you are in an Eastern time zone and looking for an earlier time in the day, please book on the page for Eastern time zones here.

This class starts at 11:00AM US Pacific time; 1:00PM US Central time; 2:00PM US Eastern time; 7:00PM Lisbon time.

Please make sure that the email address on your booking is typed correctly as the confirmation email with the online meeting, ingredient and equipment information will be sent there.

Ingredient list (exact measurements will be sent with your confirmation email):


  • Leek
  • Celery stalk
  • Onion
  • Garlic
  • Tomato
  • Red bell pepper
  • Cilantro
  • Fish head and bones from monkfish or other firm white fish (optional)
  • Monkfish fillet cut into large chunks (if you can’t find monkfish, then red snapper, cod or another kind of firm white fish can be used)
  • Large prawns (optional)
  • Butter
  • Egg
  • Milk
  • Lemon

Dry goods

  • Olive oil
  • Bayleaf
  • Piripiri pepper (optional – any other kind of small, hot pepper will do)
  • Massa de pimentão/red pepper paste (optional)
  • Short-grain rice (in Portugal a variety called Carolino is used, but arborio is a good substitute)
  • Sugar
  • Flour
  • Baking powder
  • Almonds, chopped or slivered

Please note that the recipe document in your confirmation email will outline what to prepare ahead of class for each recipe.

Fee includes everything consumed on the walk. Some special features:

In the comfort of your own kitchen. Hands – on activity.
Ingredient and prep list sent in advance. Creates a full meal for your family or guests.
Children Welcome. Pescatarian friendly








What is included in the fee?  A full ingredient and prep list will be sent ahead of time.  The fee is for a hands-on cooking instruction per screen, not per person.

How does the payment process work?  Once you have selected an available cooking class and date, you will be able to pay the fee by credit card.  Our credit card processor, Stripe, is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1, the most stringent level of certification. None of your sensitive data ever hits Culinary Backstreets servers. It is all captured, processed, and housed on Stripes servers.  If you are registering for an activity that requires approval, your reservation request will need to be approved by an administrator before it is finalized. Once it is approved, you will receive an email directing you to pay your deposit and complete your booking.

What is your cancellation policy?  100% will be refunded if given one week notice prior to the class and 50% will be refunded if given 72 hours notice or more.

Are your classes public or private? How many people are on them?  Our classes are offered for  2-10 screens. The fee is per screen, not per person. If you would like to do a private activity for yourself or a zoom party, we may be able to arrange one. Please contact us at for more information.

Is this activity suitable for people with food allergies?  This can vary based on a number of factors, including the food item in question. Please email us at to discuss your situation before booking.

Are your classes suitable for pescatarians?  This cooking class activity is very suitable for pescatarians.

Is the cooking class suitable for children?  We have had children of all ages on our in-person cooking classes and they seem to enjoy it immensely.

US $35/adult


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US $35/adult

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