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Book now Give as a gift  US $135/adult
  • 2-7 people La Ribera     ~5.5 hours 9 am, 9:30am 
    -> El Born  Mon-Sat

Quick bite: On this walk through the seaside neighborhoods, we will work our way through the medieval-era streets of El Born-La Ribera toward Barceloneta to get a feel of the city’s history and culinary culture.

Not far from Barcelona’s heavily touristed Gothic Quarter, another world beckons. Here, in the seaside neighborhoods of El Born-La Ribera and Barceloneta, life seems to be imbued with the easygoing maritime soul of the nearby Mediterranean. There are small bars and restaurants filled with fishermen happily eating tapas and drinking Catalan vermouth, narrow streets with colorful clothes hanging to dry from the balconies and, on the culinary front, a constant intermingling of old and new, tradition and innovation. It is a district that throughout the centuries has remained one of the historic old city’s most charismatic and original.

Here, in the seaside neighborhoods of El Born-La Ribera and Barceloneta, life seems to be imbued with the easygoing maritime soul of the nearby Mediterranean.

Starting with a hearty Catalan breakfast in an old-fashioned dairy shop, we’ll work our way through the medieval-era streets of El Born-La Ribera toward the sailor and fishermen’s haunts of lively Barceloneta, which today serves as Barcelona’s port. On our way, we’ll taste exquisite pastries, creative tapas and some of the freshest fish to be found in Barcelona. We’ll also stop into traditional markets and food shops, as well as drop by some of the area’s iconic bars, where drinks are served along with dishes ordered from simple menus of expertly made seafood. Although these neighborhoods have seen their share of changes over the years, the food here serves as a reminder that in this part of town, the one constant – and delicious – element is the sea.

Fee includes everything consumed on the walk.  Some special features:

Visits the Old City Children welcome
Pork and alcohol served, but can be substituted Includes market visits
Samples fish and seafood Many, but not all, stops can be altered for vegetarians


What is included in the fee?

In addition to your Culinary Backstreets guide, all food consumed on the walk- almost a dozen different edible specialties- are included in the price.  A limited selection of alcohol is served on the walks and is included in the price.

Why is the Culinary Backstreet tour more expensive than some other walking tours?

Our approach is different than most tour companies. Each of our culinary walks is the outcome of considerable research. We work with academics in the field and our own team of experienced professionals – both guides and local journalists. Our ongoing publishing of articles, from restaurant reviews to features about the intersection of food and culture, constantly feeds new material into the culinary walks, so they evolve and constantly improve. Though costly, we believe that this is how to create the quality experiences we strive for.

We practice honest tourism  and would never accept a free lunch or any sort of commission. On the contrary, we are proud to know that the money spent during the culinary walk goes to support businesses that we believe in, helping to preserve the social and cultural fabric of the cities we love so dearly.

How does the payment process work?

Once you have made a reservation, we require the full $135 fee to be paid in order to complete the online booking. Our online booking system uses Stripe to process secure payments.

What is your cancellation policy?

100% will be refunded if given 1 week notice prior to walk and 50% will be refunded if given 72 hours notice or more.

Are your walks public or private? How many people are on them?

Our walks are 2-7 people and are open to the public. If you would like to do a private walk, we may be able to arrange one for an additional fee. Please contact us at [email protected] for more information.

Can I get a discount if I join more than one walk?

Yes, we offer a 10% discount to those who join more than one walk. Please email us at [email protected] if you’d like to join multiple walks.

Are your walks suitable for people with food allergies?

This can vary based on a number of factors, including the food item in question. Please email us at [email protected] to discuss your situation before booking.

Are your walks suitable for vegetarians, pescetarians, and vegans?

We do not recommend this activity for vegetarians and vegans but pescetarians will only have to pass on a few offerings.

Are your walks suitable for a gluten-free diet?

We do not recommend the walks to folks with a gluten-free diet, as it is too restricting.

How physically demanding are the walks?

The walk is about 2KM (1.25 miles) of fairly flat terrain, broken up into almost a dozen stops. The streets and sidewalks of Barcelona are quite well kept but we do recommend wearing comfortable walking shoes

Can children join the walks?

Of course! We offer a 50% discount to children ages 12 and under, and we do not charge for children under the ages 6 and under.

Can you pick me up from my hotel? How will I return, once the tour is over?

Our tour prices don’t include transportation. If you book a tour, you’re responsible for arriving to the pre-arranged meeting spot on your own.

Once the tour is over, we will help you get an authorized, safe taxi to your hotel, or provide directions on public transportation, if you’re interested in that.

How much food will I get to try?

This is really up to you. We generally make between 9 and 12 eating stops on our walk and try to include some breaks from eating along the way. The price includes as much food as you’re open to trying. We offer a suggested portion size at each stop and you can take our recommendation if you’d like. Our walks often involve street food and sharing food.

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Untitled-16  I was very excited to book slots on the Culinary Backstreets Blessed by the Mediterranean tour exploring some of the seaside neighborhoods of Barcelona –a great way to experience something different while still tasting some of what I love most about Spain. We booked four months out as each tour only allows for up to 7 participants (as many of the stops are very small neighborhood locales that cannot handle a larger crowd). – Read more

Untitled-15  My favorite event was our wonderful food tour withCulinary Backstreets. We had been on a Culinary Backstreets tour in Shanghai Read more 

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