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Latest Stories

El Jaliciense: OG Birria From Jalisco

Los Angeles |
By Hadley Tomicki
Los Angeles -- Read more
Los Angeles -- Birria is among the biggest culinary buzzwords across the U.S. today – only it’s not the goat-based Jalisco recipes that get the attention. birria de chivo, the signature dish of the state. Most people, especially Jaliscans, traditionally think of birria as being made from goat. Hector’s version, tatemada, involves a final roast of birria de chivo in the oven, making the skin charred and crisp.

When the hour strikes eight on Saturday morning, Hector Ramirez pulls the wooden handle on a cast-iron lid sealing his self-constructed, propane-fueled, cylindrical oven and unveils his birria tatemada. Read more
March 14, 2022

B’ivrit: Found in Translation

Los Angeles |
By Ben Mesirow
Los Angeles Cauliflower shawarma, lentil arayes and a killer sabich –  Amit Sidi is cooking some of the best vegan food in town at B’Ivrit, her Israeli street food pop-up. Amit is not vegan. She’s not a trained chef either. But she rolls up to bars around northeast LA – and Smorgasburg every Sunday – offering an impressive lineup of dishes, both creative and classic. Read more
January 31, 2022

Café Santo: More Than Just Coffee

Los Angeles |
By Ben Mesirow
Los Angeles A skinny palm tree on Whittier Boulevard casts a shadow that bisects the short silhouette of a bench. On the sidewalk it forms a spectral cross, conjuring an image of the bottom of a vaso veladora hovering in front of Café Santo in Montebello. Read more
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