What People Are Saying:
“Culinary Backstreets now offers a bigger bite of the cities in which it operates by designing multiday dining guides.”
New York Times, October 2014“…A treasure trove of incredible gems to enjoy. So much more than a fantastic set of personalized recommendations catered to my particular needs; it also highlighted helpful information about the city, orientation points, language tips and seasonal specialties – essential tidbits for a truly enriching experience. I would highly recommend creating your own Eatinerary if you are busy, curious, adventurous or just hungry.” – Ellen Bennet, Condé Nast Digital – Epicurious/Ziplist

“The Eatinerary experience totally surpassed our expectations and we seriously think our next travel adventure will determined by the availability/location of this fabulous service. Eatinerary is perfect for those who love real food and real travel – similar to taking advice from a well travelled friend.” – Jeff Colgan, Ireland

“…Spot on to what I like. And I like the magazine-type layout… a very nice touch.” – Noel Sheehan, Ireland

“Your eatinerary is making a hugely positive impact on our trip. We are exploring all sorts of wee backstreets that we wouldn’t normally get to and the food is wonderful. We are having heaps of fun! Thanks so much.” – Jacqui Schubert, New Zealand