How much does an Eatinerary cost?
The readymade seasonal Eatinerary costs $15. The full customized Eatinerary service, from the questionnaire to your personalized food itinerary, costs $125.
How can I view my Eatinerary?
We’ll send you a PDF document that you can print out, or view on your smart phone, tablet, or computer.
How long will I need to wait for my custom Eatinerary?
We’ll need some time to mull over your requirements and check in with our local correspondents. Give us 10 days.
Which cities do you cover?
We provide Eatineraries for all the Culinary Backstreets cities: Athens, Barcelona, Istanbul, Lisbon, Mexico City, Rio de Janeiro, Shanghai, Tbilisi and Tokyo.
Do you cater for business travelers?
Absolutely. In fact, business travelers short on time might find our Eatineraries particularly useful.
How many days’ stay does an Eatinerary cover?
An Eatinerary will cover you for three full days’ eating. If you need a longer plan, let us know and we’ll organize a more extensive itinerary for you.
Who’s making my Eatinerary?
The good people at Culinary Backstreets, both the folks at HQ and our local experts on the ground.

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