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Among the many bars of raucous Bairro Alto, Casa do Brasil is a steadfast nighttime institution for Lisbon’s Brazilian community, hosting concerts and cultural events in a non-profit capacity. This two-floor venue is the place to chat, drink, eat and dance to a myriad popular rhythms from the homeland, all performed live: the festive accordion-drone of forró, the fast, happy chorinho or 1960s bossanova, as well as samba, rock and maracatu. The grungy ground floor, which mainly functions as a bar and dance floor, also hosts poetry sessions, film screenings and gastronomic events.

Usually held on Mondays, their dinners provide the ideal space for getting to know the regional specificities of Brazilian food – its 26 states occupy more than half the South American continent, meaning it will take more than a couple of visits to get a full sense of the national palate.

As well as promoting Brazilian cuisine and culture, the association also offers social and legal support to Brazilian immigrants. “Since 1992, when it was created, Casa do Brasil has been a point of reference for the community, as we provide information about regularization, visa, documents and in general what people from our country need to do when they land in Portugal,” says staff member Lina Moscoso. On the first floor they also have a space that works as a welcome office, for people to come and talk about difficult situations ranging from stress and integration issues to experiences of racism.

Casa do Brasil plans to expand their activities in 2018, keeping the bar on the ground floor open every evening and opening the venue to cultural activities that involve other Lusophone communities.

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Casa do Brasil

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Casa do Brasil 38.711879, -9.145750 (Directions)
Casa do Brasil
Address: Rua Luz Soriano, 42. Bairro Alto, Lisbon
Telephone: +351 21 340 0000
Hours: Office: Mon.-Fri. 3-8pm – Venue: according to the events

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