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March 19, 2019

Hidden Flavors of the Hillside: Mouraria & Graça

Lisbon --
Book nowGive as a gift     US$130/ adult
  • 2-7 people    Intendente ->  ~5-6 hours 2:30pm
     Martim Moniz
Quick Bite: On this afternoon walk through some of Lisbon’s most historic and scenic backstreets, we’ll explore the old and the new, ever delicious, in the kitchens of Graça and Mouraria. Read more
Lisbon -- The oldest city in Western Europe, once the hub of a trading empire that connected Macau in the east to Rio de Janeiro in the west, Lisbon today feels staunchly Old World European, a sleepy town of nostalgic storefronts and scenic churches. But that’s only its façade.Read more
August 22, 2019

CB on the Road: An Ice-Cream Legacy in Setúbal

Lisbon -- The front doors look ordinary and nondescript – like any others in downtown Setúbal, a coastal city one hour south of Lisbon. Yet behind them is something extraordinary: mountains of fruit, jugs of milk and kilos of sugar. It’s summertime, and Célia Soares and her family, the owners of Valenciana, have a lot of ice cream to make. Read more
August 7, 2019

Taberna Albricoque: The Algarve Comes to Lisbon

Lisbon -- The Algarve, one of the most visited regions in Portugal, also has some of the country’s most distinctive and delicious cooking. Integrating layers of different historical influences, from the Romans to the Moors, along with fishing traditions and countryside rusticity powered by its fertile land, the Algarve has made a deep impression on Portugal. Read more