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January 26, 2016

Only in Izmir: Exploring the Seaside City’s Unique Culinary Traditions

Izmir --
Book now Give as a gift  US $125/adult
  • 2-7 people  Basmane      ~6 hours 9:30am 
    -> Hisaronu  (Mon-Sat)
Quick bite: On this food tour we’ll explore the tangled roots of Izmir’s cuisine and culture, enjoying the friendly laid back environment of the markets near the agora and sampling a variety of dishes unique to this city.Read more
Izmir -- If Istanbul is Turkey’s New York then Izmir is definitely its New Orleans. In this sun-kissed Aegean port city, peoples have come and gone for millennia – Greeks, Cretan Turks, Sephardic Jews, Armenians, Levantine Europeans and Kurds, to name a few – each contributing to the culture of the place, but also, we sense, surrendering to a lifestyle distinctive to the city. To be from Izmir is to know good food and take the time to enjoy it. Exploring the markets, bakeries, lokantas (homestyle restaurants) and tea gardens of the narrow streets that spread out below the ancient Roman-built agora, we are always struck by how local – so “Izmirli,” as the Turks say – the cuisine here is. Digging a little deeper, a wide range of Mediterranean influences reveal themselves in this city’s kitchen, reflective of its rich history.Read more